“The Bedouin Arabs are the worst in unbelief and hypocrisy, and most fitted to be in ignorance of the command which Allah hath sent down to His Messenger: but Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise.” (9:97)

But not all… 

“But some of the Bedouin Arabs believe in Allah and the Last Day, and look on their payments as pious gifts bringing them nearer to Allah and obtaining the prayers of the Messenger.” (9:99)

Yup that seems to be the general characteristic disposition. As if that were not proof enough, it’s cemented by the Prophet’s (Peace be upon him) words:

“He Who belongs to the Bedouin is most likely harsh and hard of heart”

Al-Nawawi said in Sharh Muslim (1/169): 

The people of the desert are the Bedouins, among whom ignorance and harshness are prevalent. Hence it says in the hadeeth: “Whoever lives in the desert will become harsh.” Al-baadiyah (the desert) and al-Badu (the Bedouin) refer to that which is outside of the city as opposed to that which is civilized; the adjective is badawi. End quote. 

I have tried now for several years to have patience with my ignorant Bedouin neighbors. Today, I lost it. Astaufirallah. I have overlooked the harm they have caused my family, just to save relations between the mother and I and the father and my husband. I think that all ended today. The fact that I lost my patience and temper in Ramadaan is very disturbing to me.I have about 30 minutes until it is time to break my fast and I usually spend that time finishing up my Quran reading for the day. However, today I can not concentrate on the reading and I find writing out my thoughts to be calming, so here I am blogging.
I posted last year some of the ignorant behavior my neighbors have done, such as their teenage son slapping my then 6 year old daughter in the face with a shoe. Today my children were outside playing in the yard with their Kashmiri friends. Most Saudis are very two-faced so sometimes they are nice to my children but other times especially if they have company or my children have non-Saudi company) then they are extremely evil. Today they were evil. They came in my yard and teased my children and their friends for being non-Saudi and coming from non-Muslim countries. They then started beating them with sticks. I heard the commotion and was trying to cover so I could go outside. By the time I got there my 7 year old daughter was screaming and crying and the teenage brother was leaving the scene. I found out that the girls (8 and 9 years old) went home and lied and said that my children and their guest were bothering them. The brother came over and immediately started beating my 7 year old in the head!. I was furious! I only had on my prayer garment but I ran from my yard into their yard and slipped and fell and hurt my big toe on the wet ceramic outdoor tile at their door. I stood up (glad nobody but my kids Friends saw it) and banged like a complete maniac on that door. I was ready to go in and grab and beat that boy down. The kids asked who is it andI  screamed, “Umm Adam open the door!!!!” The mother came to the door asking what was wrong and I  told  her that her children were a big problem and I was tired of nothing being down about it. She then went looking for some non-existent bruises on her daughter’s body and said that Saudah had hit her. i told her that her daughter was a liar. That did it, I insulted and dishonored her and it was all on her face. after that she said she couldn’t understand me and I walked away after telling her that as soon as I saw her son I would do to him what he did to my daughter. I think i lost a good neighbor, she was teaching my maid to cook and sending me food because she knew I was sick. i feel awful for going off, she has 10 kids and no control of them. She is so busy cooking and cleaning and I feel that I really disrespected her. In this cultural you don’t do what I did. I will probably send a gift to her, but I doubt we will be close anymore. Of course this is all in hindsight after  have calmed down and my anger is gone wa authoo billahi min ash shataanir rajeem. Because before I calmed down I called security and told them to come to my Villa. When an American calls for security they come FAST! and they came three cars deep! It reminded me of the time i caught my kitchen on fire and they closed off my whole street after i had already put the fire out. Well I don’t think much will happen because security knew every-ones name without me saying anything, “Saudah come here and tell me everything that happened. Was it Abdul Aziz or Abdur Rahman?”  When he said that I knew nothing would happen and they seemed hesitant to go to the home because the father is an older, respected muaadthan and tribal leader! The boy was brought outside along with his older brother who was mad at me and wanted to know why I was doing this, that this was how children play. I said that if it were the girls I would not have done this but this was a teenage boy (no such thing as teenage in Islam, he is either a man or a boy and I’m not sure which one he is yet) beating up a 7 year old girl, who he always fights (throws rocks at and has slapped with a shoe). He then said fine what do you want. I told him that either he or I would do to the boy what he did to her. He said, fine and started beating the boy in his face and head. My daughter was very pleased but i wasn’t. He said, “is that all?” I said, “no, tell him to keep his hands off my daughter. He said, “OK and you tell your children to stay away from my house!. I was like my kids don’t come to your house (unless they are dropping off food).”  Then security, who was looking nervous asked if that would be all and I told them, that I wanted a written report of the incident. They claim there will be one. That boy better be glad my nephew was not here. That boy would have got a straight up beat down! My husband wasn’t home either, and he was very upset about it but I’m not sure how he would have handled it. 

Gotta run time to get my eat on!

P.S My son was messing with my PC and I think he did something to the security settings because I get a security alertt everytime I try to access a secure site. However, for some reason I can’t get on gmail, so if you have emailed me I am not ignoring you. If you know how I can fix this let me know. thanks.