Here we go again:

Remember you mentioned in one of your blogs that your kids would soon be returning to school? Well, I have some questions:
1. What is the scool year like in the government

The school year seems to try to follow the schedule in the West. Although the hijri calendar is used here, it appears that most things of worldwide significance are scheduled keeping a more international calender in mind.  

2. When does school start and end and when are the breaks?

This year school started September 8th and I’m not sure when it will end. Likely sometime in June. The first break will be the last 10 nights of Ramadan and a few days for Eid. They will have another two weeks off for the next Eid, a semester break, children under 4th grade will also be out of school for two weeks during the exam times.

 3. Do the children have off for the summer like here, or is their time off arranged differently?

Yes. A looong hot summer, might I add.

4. Does each region of KSA run the government schools according to the regional government (if there is such a thing) or are all government schools run the same?

lol! Saudis don’t handle difference well. Everything is the same, food, clothes, furniture, schools, EVERYTHING! It’s called conformity baby!

There are two exceptions that I know of. The Royal Commision has two cities, Yanbu and Jubail. The schools there are slightly different, but not muh just a few extra courses but follow the same basic schedules.

5. Do government schools teach Quran and Sunnah or nationalism, or a combination of both?

I’m not sure it’s fair to say that they teach a combination of both. They for sure teach Quran and Sunnah and there are some elements of nationalism, but not enough to say that they teach a combination.

My dh is out shopping with the children now because tomorrow is Yaumal Watani (National Day). The schools will be closed (I think, they didn’t send a note home, but the kids said so), but the following day they will celebrate in school. They must come in traditional Saudi clothes and bring their Alamul Biladi (Saudi Flags) and other national apparel and accessories (headbands, sashes, foods, etc). Seems ajib for us western convert Muslims who miss out on our families 4th of July barbeque’s and drill it into others how in Islam, Muslims are one body and racism and nationalism is Haram yadda yadda yadda.