It’s been a few hours now, so I am calm. I had a meltdown earlier and cried myself to sleep. The new maid from Somali, QUIT! Masha’allah. That’s right, in less than 24 hours she said that my kids were raising her blood pressure. The sad part is that I was bending over backwards to accommodate her. She was going to get more than twice as much as the Indonesian maid and only do about a quarter of the work. She was complete with everything by 11:30am. She said it was too many kids and they are too loud (I take care of my own kids, so it’s not like she was the nanny). Both girls were in school and one had only been home for a few minutes when she announced this. Adam was the only one home all day and he just followed us around cleaning (and he was being adorable but I guess the playing like a cat and meowing was getting to her). That’s right us! I pre-cleaned and she basically swept. Well the play room was a mess but all she did was throw all the toys in a box and stuffed clothes on some shelves. But my nephew had left his room a disgusting mess.It was literally garbage in his drawers. Again, I pre-cleaned and had her go over the room (sweeping, wiping, cleaning mirrors), but she was probably disgusted.

My children are not bad kids, they are just a little hyper, high-spirited, and happy go lucky LOUD kids. They raise my pressure too and give me migraines and that is why I had the meltdown, because I was feeling sorry for myself because I put up with them all day everyday and this woman couldn’t tolerate them for one day. She is in her thirties and doesn’t have any children, so really I do understand how she feels. She told my friend that she is really sorry and that we treated her very good, but that the noise was just too much (as she was talking to her on the phone my kids got even louder and were jumping around like little monkeys and I was trying to hold the tears back into I was in my room) and that she was not looking forward to spending Ramadan in an environment that could cause her health problems.

I was so depressed today. I blamed myself for being a terrible Muslim, wife, mother, and a complete failure in anything remotely domestic.

To make matters worse, my dh sold our Suburban because he was tired of getting screwed over by mechanics. He decided to rent cars by the month and today we had to turn the car in because the rental agency was closing down!  Masha’Allah. The funny part is that we used our driver to pick us up from town after dropping off the new maid and visiting the other maid in the hospital. He then took us shopping and we ran into this family that i can not stand to be around. This woman has the rowdiest bunch of kids, they aren’t bad bad but they are pains in the butt to be around, very loud, and ignorant. They needed a ride home and it was plenty of room in the van, but after not even one minute of riding with them I knew exactly how the Somali woman felt. I felt my pressure rising and my migraine returning.

Maids, who needs ’em!