Just call me Dr. Umm Adam. I missed my calling, I could have been a doctor. Even in college I would diagnose all of my friends with various mental and physical ailments and would be right on the money.

My dh took the maid back to the hospital this morning and they said they would keep her in ER for further examination and observation. They later called to tell him she would be admitted. When we got to the hospital my dh spoke with the doctor while I was still unloading the crew from the car. When I walked in my dh beamed at me with pride and basically said that  I was right as usual and that the maid had gallstones (or something like that). He bragged to the doctor how I do this all the time and before we leave the house I usually know what the problem is.

I spoke with my colleague (hehe) about the exact diagnosis and prognosis. Her gallbladder is infected and they will keep her on antibiotics for about a week insha’Allah. After that they will assess her and try to schedule to surgically remove her gallbladder. It will be Ramadan then, so she may sit in the hospital for a while before she is operated on.

I found out that this is common for sick workers from 3rd world countries to come here for medical care. They have a medical exam before leaving the country and also once here in order to get an Iqama, but that is really checking for diseases. I had a friend tell me that one (1) day after her maid came then she started crying and when they took her to the hospital they said she had severe ulcers. Her husband refused to pay for it and she was sent back. Not my dh. He’s like “poor thing you don’t know how long she has been suffering and people have ignored her”. He admonished me for saying that I felt like I just drove a lemon off of a used car lot and the moment I hit the streets the car went KABOOM and the salesman was still counting his money, smiling, and waving a no refund/return policy (he actually onsidered that backbiting, but I didn’y cuz I was discussing my feelings not her). He said, how can you feel like that, you may have saved her life! He excused me of being influenced by the local mentality/attitude towards servants (cuz I asked him to call the agency to see if we could get a replacement). He also reminded me of the reward and how much I can get by visiting her in the hospital, during Ramadan, bearing gifts, etc.

I was like, yeah I know but how much more will this cost us. We’re hoping it’s free, because my gallbladder was removed from the same hospital free but they have new policies in place now limiting the free medical care for expats.

When I had Adam, we had saved just the right amount of money for him. I was supposed to have him at a nice clean medical hospital but being the self sacrificing woman that I am (boo hoo) I told dh to take the savings and send for his ex wife and their daughter. I delivered him via cesarean at the Government hospital and had to have an emergency blood transfusion. When my husband came to pick us up we were informed that we owed an additional 500SR for the blood. He was told by a Sudanese man that something similar happened to him when his child was sick and he told them to keep the child and walked away. As soon as he turned away they were calling him back giving him papers to fill out saying that the bill would be covered. My dh was not going to try and bluff them with his wife and child. He is miserable without me (hehe). So one of the nurses told me a secret, she said to have my dh see his he had any friends willing to donate blood to replace the blood I borrowed. Dh said he’d do it. The nurse was shocked, why I don’t know. She better ask somebody. My man gave his blood for me! Masha’Allah!

Anyway, I told dh that the maid is not me, and to call their bluff if they ask for money upon her release. I know that’s my Muslim sister in Islam, but this is a Muslim country. Let them foot the bill. How ya like me now?!

So now the Somali woman is here, helping out alhamduillah. Good thing for that too, because the grocery budget has a deficit and with a Somali woman doing the cooking we can survive Ramadan on soup and Sambosa, insha’Allah. I was just about to place a huge order from a woman who makes Sambosa in Ramadan, but now I can save that money for our next unforeseen event – wa authoo billah.

Please keep Amroonah in your duas.