What started off as a completely normal day,

5 year old DD: (screaming as if the house is on fire) Mommy! Mommy! You have to come quick! Saudah’s glasses (her trick nerd bifocals with magnifying lens) fell in the toilet!

Me: Looks at her as if I am saying, “do I look like I care?”

5 year old DD: (Horrified) With BOO BOO!

Me: Still haven’t budged from my seat, thinking “what a life!”

7 year old DD: (enters room with dripping glasses)

Me: (Finally reacts) Did you wash that and your hands with soap!?

7 year old DD: Yes. Ramlah dropped them in the toilet, it is her punishment that she can never play with them again! She used the toilet and then came out without flushing it to get the glasses so that she could see in the toilet and they fell off her face.

Me: Stares blankly.

Has ended in a complete disaster! So maybe it didn’t star off great. My neighbors came back from their summer vacation in Abha this morning and 4 of the brats came and stayed for a while. They came at Adam’s nap time and I was really tired and hoping I could slip in a few Zs while he was napping but I had to watch them. Then tonight another set of neighbors and her 4 kids came by, after I had already told them that this week we were going to bed after Isha because school starts next week and I need to get on a good sleeping schedule. Not to mention, my health has not been good and I can’t get rid of my migraines! They didn’t leave until 11:30pm!

At which time my nephew calls from the Saudi boarder of another country saying that Immigrations would not let him exit. Turns out the visa that my dh thought was a special student multiple entry/exit visa good for a year was only good for one entry/exit.

My nephew goes to an expensive boarding school and my mother pays the tuition. We however, support him in every other way. He needs at least $200.00USD a month spending money, airline and/or bus tickets (depends on what we an afford at the time cuz he comes home at least one every two months. Sometimes more. We only get paid once a month, so any unexpected fees can put us in a hole. We just climbed out of one, because last month my dh misplaced his wallet (thought he lost it and hurried out to replace everything but my dd found it right after he bankrupted us). He was hit with a few heavy fines after replacing some documents. We also took the children back to school shopping, need to pay Ramlah’s tuition, and a whole bunch of other things in addition to our monthly expenses.

So my husband who has to be at work at 6:30am is now driving 5-7 hours to a boarder in the middle of the desert, in the middle of the night to pick up my stranded nephew. Then he has to turn around and drive back another 5-7 hours, so forget about work and go deeper in the hole cuz he’ll get docked big time!

The problem is, that now he needs a new Visa and new airline/bus tickets. We’re broke. I was forced to immediately call my mother and tell her the situation and ask if she could send some money. She is currently living with my recently divorced sister in her multi-million dollar house and contributes to the household expenses. My nephew’s tuition is a hardship for her, but he has no other alternatives. This is stressful on everyone and my sister resents that we get any help from my mother at all. She feels that he is completely our responsibility and considers me lazy and trifling for not getting a job and forcing my 60 year old mother to work at construction sights in below zero and/or hot weather. So my mother told me off. She must be having some unrelated issues going on because she really let me have it. Then my sister sent me a message saying my mom wired the money and asked me to stop stressing her out.

Allahu Musta’aan.

Okay y’all….Muslims do your pre-Ramadan good deeds and hook me up with all the beneficial reminders and words of wisdom you can think of. I know this is a fitnah (test/trial) and I should have patience. I am not complaining or venting…but I know my limits as a weak maid servant of Allah and know when I need a lil emotional/Islamic support.

‘But give good news to those who are patient, who, when a calamity strikes them, say: ‘Indeed we belong to God and indeed to Him we shall be returning: They are those on whom are blessings from their Sustainer, and mercy-and those, they are the rightly-guided. (2: 155-157).