Inquiring minds (well at least Umm Attiyah)would like to know where I’m hiding out. Well I got the blues. I got the end of the Saudi Summer Time Blues. I got the blues. Just kidding. No seriously. I’m counting down the days that school starts. I ship my nephew off in two days insha’Allah and the girls will be out of the house in 10 days, insha’Allah! This has been one loooong and exhausting summer. My girls have been out of school since the end of May! We had a 5 week summer Quran Program, but I dropped out after 3 weeks because I couldn’t bare leaving the house in all the heat and humidity.

I haven’t bothered blogging because I did not want to bore you guys to tears with the monotony of my days. I haven’t been very adventurous lately. Just trying to keep my sanity (what little I have left) and have been missing my family really bad. I got sad earlier tonight watching my kids bug my dh, because I was thinking about all my cousins, niece, and nephews that my kids have not met and how we are all we got. They don’t even know their grandparents, Aunts, or Uncle. Top it off almost all of my western friends, parents came to visit them this summer – masha’Allah.

I got the blues. I got The End of the Saudi Summer Time Blues…