O My Goooodness! You had to be there to believe it. I can’t go into detail right now, because I am suppose to be getting ready to go to another walima (wedding party) in a few, insha’Allah.

Last night I attended a ghetto fab walima. I have never in my life seen anything like it. To say it was entertaining is an understatement! The only walima’s my family are allowed to attend are the ones that meet the Islamically permissible condition of accepting the invitation. For us, it is usually a simple matter of knowing if there would be music played or not. My dh was invited by a mutawwa who ensured him that the walima would be permissible to attend.

We were asked to meet up at the grandmothers house. I was pleased, because once I arrived I realised that this was an Afro-Saudi family. I don’t have any Afro-Saudi friends (use to be friends with one family). They usually ignore me and whisper among themselves when I am around. I was told it’s because they think I’m a sell-out and married an American and trying to pretend that I am American. I was at the home with all the old women, so they were really nice to me and put henna on me and my girls and gave us gifts. They invited us to come spend the night with them.

The only walima’s I have attended are by the Arab (white)- Saudis. Usually the bride is in clown face and everyone else wears way too much makeup, a few people show up dressed inappropriately, dance inappropriately, and it’s usually kinda boring. Well y’all ain’t lived till ya go to a black Saudi walima! They get jiggy with it! I have never seen people have such a good time.

Some new makeup crave has happened called fantasia and it is all the rave and the women there had there make up like a costume party or mardi gras or something. At first I was in utter disbelief and couldn’t believe that they actually thought they were cute looking like The Joker, Cat Woman, or Batman. I told one of my Arab friends about it today and she told me that is the new style in the Arab world. I was relieved, because I thought that they had just gone overboard on the make up.

If you are familiar with lil ghetto American girls, who know all the latest moves and words to rap lyrics before they know their ABC’s than you would have thought you were in the hood when you saw how they had the little girls dressed like little hoochie mamas. My girls had on the typical Saudi Walima dresses, but these girls were dressed like the prostitutes you see on strips. Loads of make up, cheap stank weaves (on babies!) and were dancing so embarrassing that my four year old asked me, “Mommy is that haram?” 

The bride! I’m not sure if this was funny or sad. I can see it both ways. The bride was escorted in and she was crying hysterically and wobbling and they had to hold her up. At first I was like is this a forced marriage or what (inter-tribal marriage)? Is she shy because she leaves her parents home tonight and is about to go home with him? I guess it really isn’t funny, it’s just that usually the bride just sits stone faced all night but this one was freaking out. Am I sick or what?

Well, another set of cousins from that family are getting married tonight and I really didn’t want to go again, but they just called to make sure so now we have too. My Arab friend wants to come with me, cuz I told her they are liver than the others.

Gotta run. Tata for now!