Well I had one today! It started off all good, alhamduillah. The plan was that we would go on our monthly trip to the Big City and take care of our business. I played the good wife and all because I had major plans to shamelessly beg and plead my husband to take us to the new TGI Fridays. We were suppose to leave after dhur (The 2nd prayer of the day. We schedule everything around prayer time – so this is around noon). My husband said that he had to leave out and get something and would be RIGHT back. Told me to hurry and get everybody ready. I practically threatened to kill almost everybody in the house if they were not all ready in 30 minutes. We were ready. No dh. We waited outside in the mid afternoon heat for about a nanosecond (we aint crazy). No dh. I kept calling him and calling him. Jawwal (mobile) turned off. I knew he was at the recreation house and kept calling there. No answer. After two hours I started to get worried. Nobody uses that facility but our family and he had a cramp in his leg earlier. Did he go swimming on the deep end, get a cramp and…

My daughter finally got hold of him and he said he was wondering when we would be ready and why we hadn’t called him. I tried to remain calm. I said, I did call but your phone was turned off and we have been waiting for over two hours. He apologised and said that it was not intentional, but that he got hungry and ate and then got hot and just rested and was waiting for us to call him. I told him it was OK. I was really calm. I think it freaked him out cuz he kept apologising, like he didn’t trust me enough to sleep with his eyes closed.

My dh always tells me how I’m quick on my toes. My mom use to say that I’d make a good lawyer or con artist. Others would say, “I got game.” Well when a married woman sees an opportunity NOT to have to grovel at the foot of her babies daddy – then she jumps on it. I smiled. I thought to myself, “Self – you don’t have to cry now. You don’t have to tell him how much money you are worth in the world and that by staying home raising his children you have sacrificed and saved him money. No need to tell him how you don’t ask for much and how you can’t stand to eat another sharwama. Self – today is your ‘lucky’ day!” So, he agreed that due to having me wait over two hours, trying to keep kids clean and entertained, that we could go to TGIF. This was on the phone. No sooner than we got in the car and were heading out for our one hour drive, then he tries to lay the guilt trip on me, about how many other things need to be done with the money I want to “waste” on eating out. I didn’t care. A deal is a deal, no reneging! He said not to order him anything. He was protesting!

As soon as the menu came he stopped his protest and was like, “it’s not polite to just sit here and not eat, so order me whatever you think I will like.” When we placed the order, the waiter asked if we would like drinks and I said water only, out of consideration for dh and his frugal spending habits. Dh then grabbed the menu and said, “Oh no! I want a drink” And order this phat cocktail and my nephew got the blue lemonade and the girls had drinks with the kids meal and I had WATER! Masha’Allah.

So after that dh dropped me off to do the grocery shopping. Told me to hurry up because he still had plans on making his after Isha bedtime (around 8:30pm) and it was about 6:30pm. He was to take the kids to the playground and to buy Adam some new shoes. At around 7:30 I called him to say I was ready. He said that my oldest was finishing up Ice Skating and then they would run to the shoe store and he would be on his way to pick me up. After about an hour, I sent my nephew in the store to get some Ice to pack with my meat and frozen food. Another hour the Ice was melting all over the place. It was fun people watching and it was not that bad being stranded without the kids, so I didn’t complain. By 10:00 I started praying to keep me from panicking (couldn’t reach him on the phone). 11:30 I get up and start pacing back and forth and fighting a nervous breakdown. 11:45 I spot him pulling into the parking lot. I check the car out, because at first I didn’t see all my kids and once I saw they were all in, I told myself to stay calm. Once I got in an saw all the balloons and toys, I knew what took so long!

They just called the adthaan for fajr (3:15am), I can pray and go to bed now! Alhamduillah.

Just another day in the life of Umm Adam. Masha’allah.