Last month a female BBC reporter, made her mark after writing a hit piece on MAKING A SPLASH IN SAUDI. Poor pathetic journalist actually believed that she was the first woman to swim in Saudi. I suggest that instead of her worrying so much about what she imagines Saudi women can or can not do…she improve her journalism skills starting with getting her facts straight! I have been swimming since I arrived five years ago. I have been to various pools and women are allowed to swim at the beach. Islam NOT Saudi prohibits women from appearing in things such as swim apparel in front of ‘strange’ men. However, I have seen women swimming in the water at the beach with their abayas on. Even in Muslim countries that are not as conservative – conservative Muslim women will not swim in a public setting. It’s called a choice people and Muslims have them. There is NO compulsion in Islam.

I know you can’t see me in the picture – just take my word for it, this is where I swim with my family. It’s an outdoor pool and we usually go at night, because the water is boiling during the day! However, the girls and I also go to a club to swim and workout during the day from 8am-1130am. At night the men use the same facilities. This is our religion folks, if it is not yours…fine. You have your way and we have ours. Nobody forced her to come over here and be miserable. She can take her little stank ass liberal behind back where she came from.

Oh and for the record, I wore an all black overhead abaya, with black socks, black gloves, and a black face veil in the good ole U.S of A BUT I never had the opportunity to swim there, as a covered Muslimah. This is no crack on America, just a friendly reminder to those who think that the only free and liberated woman is one prancing around a beach with some floss up her rear end.


Ahh one of the best perks about living here for the Muslim! It’s a road sign reminding you to Glorify and Exalt Allah (Subhan’Allah). There are many other road signs with various adhkhaar (remembrances of Allah).


Say hello to my little friend! They are all over my house! I have gotten use to them now, but not to the HUGE sewer roaches that come out of the drains in the kitchen and bathrooms.


Pray tell you ask. This is a little cocktail my daughter so graciously made me, as I blog away. I went to go get a drink a short while ago (while my slow dial up loaded a pic) and as she hears me approaching the kitchen she screams out, “Mommy, don’t come in I’m making a surprise”. I calmly turn around and come pack to the PC, while silently praying her little surprise does not turn into a big mess for me to clean up. Then she brings me this. Didn’t she see the fresh strawberries I just bought?