Just the two words “Summer Time” make me reminiscent of my jahaliyah (back in the day – pre Islam). It reminds me of Chicago, my family, and my old friends. I can hear The Fresh Prince (Will Smith) ‘Summer summer summertime’. Makes me think of Melody and his brother Cheeseburger. Melody, claimed he sent in his demo for “summertime” and next thing he knows The Fresh Prince is making millions off of it. It’s not hard to believe, it has Melody’s flow and the stuff he talked about was like how we kicked it on the South side of Chicago. Either you were on 79th and Stony Island (White Castles) watching the drag races, on 87th and Stony Island (Wendy’s and Harold’s Chicken), 63rd Hayes Dr (Basketball courts or ‘Bongo beach’), 53rd Street (Hyde Park), or The point (across from Museum of Science and Industry). Yeah, summer time. That was a long time ago.

Now summer time is a whole new thing. I’m a Muslim, married, with kids, living in the hottest part of the world! No longer ‘dressed to impress’, but dressed as not to arouse desires. Dressed to identify myself as a modest Muslim woman. Dressed in all black from head to toe in the frigging desert! Masha’Allah, lahawla wala qawatta illah billah.

However, one thing hasn’t changed about summer time. It still makes me feel like, love is in the air…lol. Tonight, while at the corniche, I watched this little boy that has had a crush on my daughter since she was 3 years old, finally say his first words to her. Masha’Allah, she is so innocent and so is he, but he is so transparent. at least to a trained eye, like myself. I first noticed this little boy her first week of preschool. He was on her school bus. She would scream and holler every morning, for the first week. He would look out the window and there would be this twinkle in his eye like she made his day. Every morning it was the same look on his face. He graduated that year from KG2 but we would see him every now and then in the neighborhood. My nephew knew his older brother. When we would bumped into them he would still have the same look, but be so shy and not say a word around her. As the years passed, he would point her out to people when he saw her but would still say nothing. My daughter NEVER noticed him, but I always did (he’s very handsome and I love his disposition…The lil boy got it going on). Today, he changed his style. It worried me at first, because I thought that maybe now that he is older than he is a bad boy, but he isn’t. When he noticed her today, he made a complete fool of himself trying to get her attention. He jumped from the highest of everything, screamed to the top of his lungs, and did everything he could to get her attention. I didn’t realise that he was trying to get her attention at first until he went over to a group of girls and started whispering to them. They looked at her and started to point. I got on guard. They then walked over to her and asked her to play tag with them It was all his idea! He tagged her every chance he got and then offered to help her tag the others. When the boys were throwing sand in her direction he told them to stop. He called the other girls out of their names (Kalbah and hayawanaat) but when he called her he said, “Ya Habibah”. I called her for something and she started talking to me in English. OMG! He looked so proud of her, and when his friends looked shocked and said they thought she was Syrian, he explained how she was American and speaks English. One little boy said, “but her mother speaks Arabic” and he said “bess shawaya” (just a little). This kid had done his homework. I’m gonna keep my eye on this little fella. I finally met his mother tonight and she impressed me, my nephew said the whole family is good and the father is a mutawwa. My daughter still has not noticed him, but he’s stole my heart.