This is my 7 year old daughter’s Shahadah (report card). She has completed 2nd grade, alhamduillah. The marks you see are #1 (wahid) and mean that she has done Mumtaz (Excellent). The courses were:

Al-Quran Al-Kareem (Memorization and Tafseer

of Quran)

Tawheed (Islamic Monotheism)

Fiqh and Salook (Islamic jurisprudence and behavior)

Qira’ah wa  Kitab wa An-nasheed (Reading, writing, and Islamic songs)

Aloom (Science)

Ar-Reeyadeeyat (Math)

At-Tarbiyah Al-Faneeyah (Art Education)

My 4 year old came with me to the hair salon, while my husband took the boy and the oldest girl to the dentist. She watched as another little girl got henna designs on both hands (all fingers) and her forearm. The designer was so sweet that she gave my daughter a small sample for free.

When my oldest daughter arrived, the woman put henna on her for free to. I felt guilty because both girls started crying for it to be washed off shortly after, because it was burning. These pictures are taken before it was washed off. It was slightly orange after and got redder as the days past. Now it’s kind of burgundy.


Where’s Adam? Every since my husband was politely asked not to bring Adam to the masjid for the prayer, he has been covering in the girls prayer garments and praying with us at home. If he can’t find a prayer garment, he will cover with just about anything (sofa and chair arm sleeves blankets, coats, ect.). He knows he’s a boy though and is very mannish, masha’Allah. Just a little confused…