I’ve said this before and I will say it again, if it were not for Islam I would have never left Chi-Town! This little clip (the little I have seen cuz my dial up is sloooow) has brought back so many memories. Just hearing these dudes talk, the ole Chicago story telling way, made me smile. I know I should be sad after veiwing this, but it made me smile. Y’all just gotta listen to Mike tell hoe Walter Jacobson (The News Man) did a special on the homeless shelter they stay in. Classic! On the serious side, Pacific Garden Mission, is not all about giving you a place to stay. Their mission is to spread the gospel and you are not welcomed there if you are not interested. Others have said how they are only allowed to read the bible thereand nothing else. If they are from another faith they are told to reject it or go see if they will take care of them.

After my car accident in 94, I use to catch the bus in front of The shelter to go to work. It was scary then, but from this clip it looks like they have really fixed up the area. It is in Downtown Chicago, but on the border.