This has been one heck of a week. We have been to the dentist for the past three days! My family has good oral hygiene, alhamduillah, but my daughter still managed to get several cavities. I have had one in my entire life and I just got that last year (no fluoride in Saudi water) – masha’Allah.

Since I’ve been asked about medical care in Saudi, I thought I’d let you all see for yourselves. We get free dental care with our local clinic and with the clinic at the Government Hospital, but as with all things free there is a waiting list and you can’t get an appointment for 3 months. My husband was tired of the emergency visits and since dental care here is affordable we now go to a private clinic. It’s modern, it’s clean and I figure the doctors know what they are doing, insha’Allah.


Although I can’t figure out why a wheelchair is needed.


Perhaps it’s because some idiot placed a slide directly in front of a glass window on the second floor waiting room! My daughter slid right into it, so I had to make one stay seated at the bottom while the others took turns sliding down.


I really love how there are prayer rooms wherever you go. Gone are those days when I have to pray in the parking lot. Masha’Allah.


See clean and modern.


That’s my brave girl!



They had to blindfold her and pry her mouth open!


Yes that’s my other daughter crawling up on the chair to get a closer look!


The nurse is about ready to beat her.


She probably wants to beat me too! What kind of mother would let her kids tear up a dental office and not hold her child’s hand who is having a ROOT CANAL (they told me after they did it and billed me! I thought she was getting a filling. Cost us 400SR), just to take a few measly shots for her blog?!

Where was the father of these children, you ask? AT THE MASJID OF COURSE! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining that my husband prays every single prayer in the masjid, even in emergency situations (like when I am being treated and even admitted to the hospital and he drops them off and I get stuck changing a diaper and my IV gets kicked out and blood is squirting all over the place and the kids are freaking out and I am just as calm as can be!) and even when there is a musalla (prayer room) available. The weird part is that he panics when he leaves them with me. He called me to see if I was watching them. I told him yes, and he was like “all three?” I’m like yeah. He tells me not to take my eyes off of them for a second. Then he rushes back in and sees me standing in the middle of the reception area with no kids and should see the look on his face. My two youngest, after driving the dentist and her assistant nuts, went back to the play room, so I had to stand where I could see both rooms.

I wish I had picks of when Abu Adam went to the emergency room. He was a bloody mess!