Subhanallah, praying with your kids can be sooo funny! My daughter recently turned 7 and though she has prayed with me on and off since she was a toddler I am just now going over the actual rules and regulations of the prayer. We just prayed Salatul Fajr a few minutes ago. Yesterday, I made a mistake in the prayer and had to pray the two rakahs sajdahs (my daughter is here saying, “sajatain”) for forgetfulness. After the prayer I explained to her what I did and why I did it. I told her that if the prayer leader makes a mistake and the people praying with him/her notices, then if it is a man he should say, “Subhanallah” and if it is a woman she should clap her hands (please correct me if I am wrong as this is something I have not reviewed since first learning how to pray myself 10 years ago). So after reciting Suratul Fatihah, I recited another Sura. My daughter started to clap. I paused and was thinking, “what did I do wrong?” I knew that I did not make a mistake and so we were just standing there until she whispered, “you said it wrong” and corrected my pronunciation! I had to hold back a smile which caused me to have to hold back from laughing.

A few weeks ago, I informed her on what one is to do if they pass gas in the prayer. The very next prayer after that she excused herself and went to make wudu. Before she joined back in she told her sister that she pooted, which of course made her sister poot and run out of the prayer to make wudu. I actually had to do that prayer over because they got so silly I could not hold back my own laughter!

Alhamduillah, I love my children so much and it pains me to even think of not raising them in a manner that is pleasing to Allah.

 “O my Lord! Grant me from You, a good offspring. You are indeed the All-Hearer of invocation.”