Edited To Remove Inappropriate Pictures. May Allah forgive me.

It’s that time of the month again! No, not that time! It’s our monthly trip to the big City. It takes us over an hour to get there and my kids started driving me crazy about five minutes into the drive with, “are we almost there, yet?” Then my husband had to stop at the masjid and pray, even though I always take advantage of the opportunity and combine my prayers before we leave. I’m not a spoiled Saudi woman, so I always tell my dh to turn off the car and take the keys. For one my son will try to drive and two I had a friend get killed in Chicago after his friend left the keys in the car to make a phone call and he and his girlfriend (my school mates sister) were carjacked, killed, and dumped in a garbage can (remember Reggie Wilson, Haqikah?). However, that does not mean that I don’t get hot and tired of having my kids climbing all over me. My dh still takes his time coming back.



My husband dropped me off to do my thing (bookstore and Supermarket) and took the kids to the amusement park. While waiting for him to pick me up. I saw two Saudi guys dressed as hipsters with AFROS! One had a dog! The friend with the red baseball cap, is smoking cigarettes and playing with his dhikr beads!


After he picked me up we headed to a Hardware Store called Saco. There I stalked two women, just to show the world my blog that women are not forced to wear an Abaya when leaving the house.

The End

Stay Tuned For Next week or Next Month When The Adventures of Umm Adam Takes You To Applebees (Dh refused to take us today), insha’Allah.