This post will insha’Allah, kill two birds with one stone. I need to be held accountable for keeping my summer goals and I received an email requesting  pictures of our Villa. So here goes.

Summer Plan

I have put together a summer plan for my family to ensure we do not sit idly by. I hope to use this time to benefit us both in this life and the next, insha’Allah. My summer goals:

1. Everyone brush teeth (we are good at this but with no schedule I want to make sure it is still done every morning and before bed. My dh wants it done after every meal and snack but that’s not realistic, he actually calls to remind me!).

2. Make sure girls clean their rooms..

3. Have family eat 3 welled planned meals (try to avoid grazing).

4. Have girls do one Hooked on Phonics lesson and one lesson from First Language Lessons For The Well Trained Mind, everyday.

5. Do one (me) Arabic lesson each day from Al Arabiyyatul Bainul Yadak.

6. Girls and I will review Quran daily. No new memorization until our 5 week summer Tafeedth school opens.

7. Girls and I will learn how to sew and/or crochet, insha’Allah.


8. Be diligent about my 7 year old praying. Today has been a perfect day for her and her sister, alhamduillah. She has company now and I stopped them from playing when the athan was called and had them pray.


9. Complete weaning and Potty train Adam – The weaning is sorta on schedule. He is night weaned. That only took a week, but he is still nursing on demand during the day. This must stop. He is 2 yrs and 1 month old. My daughters were 2yrs and 5 months; and 2 years and 2 months when they were completely weaned. I’m not really potty training him, I’m letting him take the lead in this. Today while changing his diaper, he did not want to put another one on and wanted to wear some undies that a friend gave me. I have 3 potties for him and keep them strategically placed around the house. This one is his car potty and he loves playing on it. He ‘used’ it the other day and dumped it on the carper, so now I have it in the hallway on the tiles. 

Well that’s our plan and I’m sticking to it insha’Allah. I can not get on the Internet and the girls can not have company, go out, or play until we have done this, insha’Allah.

Villa Tour

Our villa is not typical of a Saudi villa and is considered ‘tacky’. We live in an isolated area that houses Government employees for a public utility plant. The villa is old and small in comparison to the new luxurious villas. Since it is on a government property the villas are not walled in like the private villas. We have a wall going around our backyard, but not the front.


The Villa has very small rooms but is well laid out. As you can see there are two front doors. Usually, if we have families over, than we have the men enter the first door and the women and children come in the second door.


Once the men enter, they will be seated in the majlis. I also use this room to teach my ladies conversational English class. I like it because, it is separate from the rest of the house, so my family can go about their business and everybody is comfortable.


Once the women enter, they can make a left turn and be seated in our family area. The family area is oddly shaped and is an interior designers worse dream. I can’t call this section a majlis, but it is my little nook. I try to keep the kids out of it but it is an open area and where the telephone is, so since my 7 year old daughter gets more phone calls than I do, the children are usually over there hence the wobbly/broke legs on my chairs.


Around the corner from my nook is the kids area. It’s the filthiest part of the house (but I have a plan so not for long insha’Allah), the walls and the carpet are disgusting! They eat, watch T.V (We have MAJD TV. However, we let our 3 year subscription rum out, but we still get the basic channels; Quran, Hadeeth, and Ilm. We don’t want the cartoon channel any more because it was too many anasheed. No women are seen on the satellite nor is there music and you can sit in the comfort of your home and view the daroos of many of the Mashaykh including The Grand Muftee Sh. Abdul Aziz As Shaykh and Sh. Fawzaan), and play their educational T.V games (Leap Frog and V Tech V Smile) there.


This is a sun-room, because there are no windows in the family area. It is a big square outdoor room that sits smack dead in the middle of the family area. I am debating closing it in to make the family area bigger and more practical. However, this is not our property and I am not sure if I want to invest that much into the house because I have a dream of moving to Madeenah in four years insha’Allah. It doesn’t cost much to cement the floor, put up a roof, and have it insulated – so I am still considering it.


This is the dining room, but we rarely use it for eating. I use it as my classroom for my weekend Primary lessons. These are my daughters having their lessons this afternoon. If you look to the left, you will see a sliding door. This is another entrance to the majlis. My husband keeps the door closed and when I want to serve him and his guest I simply leave the food on the table, knock on the door and get out of dodge. To the right is the kitchen door and I am taking the picture standing in the doorway (sliding) of the family area. The house is one big maze.


Master Bedroom.


The Girls bedroom. Mental Note: order fitted sheets from America. The sheets here are terrible.


Toy room. Mental Note: GET RID OF TOYS!


Exercise room. That’s what it is suppose to be, but I haven’t used it in over two months! It’s filthy and cluttered, because my dh keeps his tools in there and stores the kids bikes, green machines, and cars in there. It also has a door that leads to the backyard without the workers having to come in the house and so until the backyard is complete, it will be off limits for exercising.

I did not take pictures of the the foyer,kitchen,  my nephews bedroom, or the maids quarter (we don’t have a maid so my dh has taken over that room for now).

That’s our little Villa – masha’Allah. It’s not as fancy as people imagine when they here, ‘Villa’ – masha’Allah. When we first left the states we moved to Bahrain and lived in a brand new luxury flat – masha’Allah. I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed when we moved here, but I am happy and content walhamduillah. I try not to think of what I don’t have when I visit the beatiful homes of others – masha’Allah. We are very fortunate to have what we have and we don’t pay any expenses (no rent or utilities) -masha’Allah. Truth be told, I’d live in the dessert in a tent if need be.