That wasn’t my intent of course, but that’s what happened. Just when I was looking forward to my neighbor’s daughter’s forty day after-child-birth visit to end, her other daughter came to stay with her after having her 3rd child. So tonight my house was packed with my three kids, two kashmiri kids whose mom went to sit with a widow, my neighbors three youngest kids and three grandchildren.

The children informed me that we were to come over after Isha to sit with more guest (as they drift in and out for the forty days, and on the weekends they have  huge gatherings. Y’all saw my backyard pictures, well they have the exact same house but they enclosed their backyard to make a majlis that can accommodate the tribe). The only reason I don’t like going to their home is because their children are pure evil when in their element, but at my house they try and behave. What I do like about visiting them is that they are a very traditional family and I am able to pick up on some of the old ways and culture. The mom is a great cook and housekeeper and they are not like a typical Saudi family with a maid who does all the work. The mom does it all!

They had a whole spread out, but it was not dinner. It was appetizers, snacks, and sweets. Of course their was Gawa Arabiyyah (Arabic Coffe) and several different teas. Right when I was ready to go, she pulled out some old Ramadan favorites!


That’s Jereesh. I get it confused with Hareesh. If you really want more information on it, maybe google has it. It’s either cracked wheat or barley or something. It’s made with chicken wa hadha ladeeth!


This dish is called Areeka. It’s like pancakes with honey and butter poured over it, but mushier.


This was my first time having this combo. It’s khubz (possible rye bread), sumin, and labun. You take the bread and dip it in the butter and/or labun.

After, I laughed at them force feeding me and still bringing out more food, I asked them if I could take a picture to put on the Internet. They were honored and sent me home with more food. Now it is 11pm and 6 kids have just come back to my house to bring a cantaloupe! Get out of here, like it takes 6 kids to gring a piece of fruit. i let them in because my house is a kid friendly home and their’s isn’t (no toys, no backyard, and stays spotless).