Nzingha, has inspired this thread and I request that anyone in Saudi make one of their own and link to the others. In her, Only In Saudi, post she has pictures of two men putting money in an ATM machine in a busy area with:

1. No security

2. door unlocked

3. wearing sandals

4. and if I’m not mistaken, Saudi ATM’s don’t even have security cameras!

I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but where I come from if that had happened..well it just wouldn’t have happened! For one, this type of work is done my armed guards, in armoured cars. In my neighborhood armored car guards get more respect and are feared more than the Chicago Police.  Everyone knows the ‘survival while black tips’ (and more recently ‘survival while Muslim’) that apply to when being stopped by the police. However, in the hood we take these survival tips a step further with the Wells Fargo people. We do not even look in their direction, come within shooting range, or say any sentences with ‘give me’ in it.

I have had many  ‘Only In Saudi’ moments, but for the sake of brevity (since when?) I’ll post my most recent one.

Only in Saudi, do you wear winter clothes (in the summer) in your home and wrap yourself in more cover than you did during the Chicago Blizzard of ’79!


Yes, the temperatures soar well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, but I have a 30 year old central air system that is stuck on one setting… FREEZING! I’ve only recently turned it on the past few weeks, as I prefer fresh air and in Chicago most homes don’t have central air or air conditioners. We just use fans (and stick them in the I started off just using the CA during the day when the sun was out and I would turn it off at night because the children don’t stay under the cover. It’s too hot for that now and so I left the CA on and had to change everyone into their winter pj’s and put two comforters on the floor to sleep on top of (even though we have carpet and padding the floor is made of concrete and is cold) and I put 3 more on top of them to keep them warm. I spent most of the night making sure that they stayed wrapped properly.

Just in case you are wondering why the children are on the floor. We have 5 bedrooms, all furnished except for the one that is my office/library. However, they all end up in my bed and after a series of unfortunate events and sleepless nights for me rearranging kids, I moved them to the family room floor and once they are sleep I escape!