How many of you have them? I must be the Queen of nick names! Umm Adam is actually, the first nickname I have ever given myself, but my entire life I have been called by various people various names. Here I shall name a few:

1. Tisa – My real name is Intisar ( In-ta-sar). My father and his family can not pronounce it. They say it like In-tee-sa. Real country sounding. It was shortened to just, Tisa. So if you are ever around me and my father’s side of the family (the only family I actually know) this is what you will hear me called.

2. Tippi – I was given this name as a toddler, by either a family friend or my Aunt. They debate over it. Story goes, I walked on my tippy toes and would sneak into the kitchen at night when everyone else was sleep and open the cabinets and pull out all the pots and pans and clang them together until I had disturbed the sleep of everyone. Who would have thought that I would turn out so considerate?

3. Lil Ole Hattie Mae – Can you believe that both of my grandmothers name were Hatti Mae? I am so glad my parents thought that they had accepted Islam before I was born and named me Intisar. Can you imagine living in my generation with the name Hatti Mae, and being from Chicago and not the south?! As if my real name was any better! Well my dear grandfather Nin Cea (N.C) had a nickname for all 18 of his grandchildren and I was the one who reminded him most of grandma so he always called me ‘Lil Ole Hattie Mae’.

4. Various names from the hood – All of these names were given to me in my neighborhood and all derived from the fact that I have a round face (I hold a class notable of ‘baby-face’ in my high school year book).

* Sunkist

* Sunshine

* Campbell Soup Kid

* Gerber Baby

Oh and how cold I forget, “BABY HULK”! I still can’t walk like a lady for nothing. My nephew says that in a crowd of all black abaya clad women, he always knows which one I am by the way I walk. Everybody in my hood were switching their tails around and I was walking like the hardest girl around (oh that reminds me of another story about neighborhood bullies… gotta blog that).