According to my four year old daughter! Why is it that emergencies are most likely to happen the moment mother goes to the bathroom? There must be statistics out there somewhere to support my theory. I usually make sure that my children are well occupied and have double checked my child proofing before I even attempt to go to the bathroom. I try my best to avoid going when they are eating. Besides the obvious choking incidents to be concerned with, fights can easily break out at the sufra (the floor spread that the food is on) for the simplest. Even then, I’m liable to come out to hear:

DD: “Mommy there’s been an accident!”

Me: Heart pounding and praying for the best before screaming, “WHAT HAPPENED!!!!”

DD: “I made a big, huge, humongous, gigantic, mess! But don’t worry Mommy, I cleaned it all up.”

 Takes hand and leads you to kitchen, where you stand in shock as you see a BIG, HUGE, HUMUNGOUS, GIGANTIC MESS! With soapy water on top!

So, today I set the kids up with their piles of books. They are very content with books, masha’Allah. Even the baby Mama’s little man is ‘reading’ his books to everyone, masha’allah. Everything seems copacetic, it’s all good. I can go now. No sooner than I get myself ‘situated’ then there is  banging at my door and my four year old is frantically screaming, “Mommy, come quick something bad, terrible, and awful has happened with (inaudible words)!”

Me: “Where’s the baby?!”

DD: [on the verge of tears] “Mommy, you have to come now, hurry up [inaudible] she’s crying and [inaudible] is all over the place!”

Me: “Calm down, I can’t understand you. Say it slower, what happened? [still not hearing my son] – where is Adam!?”

DD: [trying to calm down, sniffing] “Something – very bad – and awful – has happened – in – Sterenstain Bears – to – Sister Bear – please come out and read it to me because I need to know what happened.

Me: [relieved and in utter disbelief] ” you mean, the Berenstain Bears?”

DD: ” Yes, Mommy. Sister Bear is crying, her clothes are all torn up, and stuff is all over the place. I don’t know what happened to her Mommy but you have to come quick and find out”

So as you can see, we had quite an emergency on our hands today. I promptly came out and she handed me the book, The Berenstain Bears and the Bully. Apparently, Sister Bear got beat up. No need to be alarmed.