So you all don’t think that my sister is a complete B-Word (I won’t link the blog that would give you that impression), I’ll post an email she just sent me. Sibling rivalry is something else, but the saying “blood is thicker than water” is so true! My sister and I have fought like cats and dogs, all of our lives. She resented the day I was born. Reminded me every chance she got (“I had to share a room with you”, “you took all my magic makers and put them in a sink of water”, “you’re a spoil brat”, “stop stealing my clothes”…etc etc etc). However, if you wanted to get on her bad side then all you had to do was mess with her little sister. She did not play that. There was a girl name Lisa Gross in my 4th grade class. Although my sister is only 2 1/2 years older than me, she was always four grades ahead of me cuz she’s a friggin genius, masha’Allah. Lisa had flunked a few times and was bigger than my sister and was the class bully. She thought she could get away with picking on me, but my sister had to set her straight (my sister was the school ‘pretty girl’ so this came as a surprise to Lisa). Another time there were these twin boys in my class who would mess with me and my sister was in class with their brother and said she would talk to him, they eventually got in a fight and my sister won! I had a marriage contract drawn with a man, who thought he could kick a sister around and my mother and sister ‘sensed’ something wasn’t right and ended that real quick. My sister cussed him out in English, Arabic, and French, to make sure he understood that we don’t play that in my family!

Anyhoo, I use to be a big picture taker back in the day, but over the past 10 years I stopped taking them except for Identification purposes. So when I would send pictures of the family, it was usually passport and resident permit pictures with my face blacked out. More recently, I ran across a fatwa saying it was permissible to use web cams to communicate with your family, and well you know…give somebody an inch and they take a mile, and I used an analogy that a still web cam image would be OK too, then I broke my cell phone and finally bought a phone with a cam and well the rest is history. However, I only took pics of the kids. Now that I may be reentering the workforce, I realised that the past 10 years of bad hair days will not go over too well. I never ever ask my family for anything for me or the children, but my dh let our websurfer card expire and I am in need of hair products that can only be found in the hood at the ‘wig sto’ or Walgreen’s. So I emailed my family and to let them know how urgent the request was, I attached a few head shots. I have not seen them in almost 8 years and they have not seen a picture of me either. Here is my sister’s response:

OH MY GOD!!!! YOU JUST MADE ME CRY!!!  I miss you soooooo much and I forgot how beautiful you are!  I haven’t seen you without a hijab/niqaab in years.  It’s like some awful barrier that makes the miles even harder.  The first thing that I thought was—My God, she’s SO beautiful!!!  (and yes, I’m still crying, you big beanhead ;))  Thanks for sending these.  Mom is going to be so happy!!!!!!!!     I’ll head off to Walgreen’s later tonight, insha Allah.  Send me your address again. 

Congrats on going to work!  What are you going to be doing?  Who cares?  As long as you’re happy and I finally get to see that beautiful face of yours.  Damn I love you!  We fight like cats and dogs sometimes but there’s no one like you in my heart, Tippi.  I don’t know what kind of big sister I am/was but no matter what I have always loved you and wanted the very best for you.  You are my angel, maybe that’s why no one pisses me off quite the way that you do.  I say some mean stuff at times but nothing is this world could make me stop loving you.  Yeah, this is mushy and you’ll make fun of me but you know you love me too-lol.  Wow!, the kids are getting to be so big and beautiful, masha Allah!  Kiss everyone, say salaam to Muadth. 

I love you (did I say that already?)