Alhamduillah, last night the workers completed the cement job (my husband abandoned the project after the first week).


Most people usually cover the concrete with outdoor ceramic tiles. You will rarely find a Villa with just concrete. However, our situation is different and as long as my children have a safe place to ride their bikes, I’m happy.



Next, we plan to insha’Allah, place a walking path around the remainder of the wall and then lay down sod.


We only get paid once a month, and this months yard budget is used up, so we will insha’Allah start again in a few weeks. School ends June 10th for 3rd grade and under (the older kids have exams), so I am hoping to have the yard complete by then because I would like to have an American style barbecue bash in the yard for my daughter and the students I teach in my home. Anybody wanna come? Open invitation!

I was going to end here, but while uploading the pictures I noticed how quiet it got in the yard. My little library/office is next to the backdoor and has a window that I can look in the yard from. I am the type of mom that knows that quiet does not always mean good. I also like to know what my kids are up to, so I sneaked up on them and BUSTED…



They know better than to climb the wall. Now I will have to give this evidence to their father, so that we can extend the walls ASAP! He worries more than I do, so he will be concerned that now that we have concrete they could really hurt themselves wa authoo billah! It will also keep the cats out, who have been loving using all the sand as their litter box!

Oh now I really must run. My son just came in soaking wet from playing in the sprinklers and looks like he just rolled over in sand and gravel!