Our Weekend has now come to an end, alhamduillah. We enjoyed ourselves, masha’Allah. Yesterday, I met a real live blogger for the first time. Today, after Salatul Jumauh, we went to the horse races but they didn’t have one, so we let the kids go horse riding and 4 wheeling.


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My questions are specifically for Muslim Moms but could be answered my anybody that thinks they can address them.

1. My daughter recently turned 7 years old. This is the age we should establish the daily prayers with them. She knows this, but of course I must remind her. How do you train YOURSELF to be on top of things? Most moms I know simply call the children in when it’s time to pray, but I am usually running in the opposite direction trying to find a moment that I can pray. I know I should be telling her to join me, but it’s hard enough for me to break away from the chaos of life. Can you all share with me what has worked for your family and how you as a mother have been able to be consistent with your child regarding their prayers?

2. At what age have you explained puberty to your daughters? I really don’t have an issue with explaining it for her when the time comes, insha’Allah. However, there are times when women are exempt from the prayer and most of the women here simply tell their children that they are not praying because they are sick. I don’t like that, because a. it’s a lie! b. we are not exempt from prayer because we are sick, we can modify it by sitting or laying down and my daughters know I have done this in pregnancy, back pains, and migraines. If they ask me why I am not praying, I usually either tell them that I don’t have to pray at the masjid or I just ignore them and change the subject. Has anyone actually addressed this with their daughters before they reached puberty?

3. There was a three, but I forgot it, subhanallah!