I try to take a walk everyday. My routes vary. usually, I walk my daughters to their Quran tutor and then my son and I walk around our neighborhood. I have three normal routes:

1. The corniche and back = 3 miles

2. Take the main road and walk in a complete square = 3 miles

3. The walking path that surrounds our community = 4 miles

Today my husband dropped the girls off, so I did a combination of two of my usual routes, I walked the corniche but took the main road back. Here is what I saw:

22-04-07_1637.jpg The clinic


The old ancient playground

22-04-07_1640.jpg The playground built on cement and brick that would never pass a U.S.A safety inspection. This is where the boys hide out during the prayer. “The bad kids” playground


The main road

22-04-07_1647.jpg The baby begging for her father to stop smoking


The ‘projects’ the girls Egyptian Quran tutor lives in


As I approach my home (directly across from here) I see that the neighbor’s Suburban is not there, so that means that all the “Bay-bay” kids are gone. But look, the pickup truck and the oldest son’s car is still here. If you are looking for a place to live and the neighbors have a pick up truck – BEWARE! Subhanallah, I just remembered, my daughter told me today that the oldest daughter is there and had her baby the day before yesterday. That means that I must go and be neighborly. I love the oldest daughter and the mother, but I can’t stand the sight of her other 9 kids and granddaughter.

So judging from my most last few post, would you say that:

a. I live a very exciting and adventious life

b. I have no life

c. I have nothing to blog about

d. I have a new camera phone that I like to play with

e. none of the above

f. all of the above

g. a and d

h. b and c