Or as they say here, the Corniche. I took the kids to the beach today. It’s only a few blocks from home. It’s very convenient, because as you know, women don’t drive here. After Adam and I return from our 3 mile walk, while the girl’s are with their Quran tutor, we usually hang out at the beach for a few hours. Today was a nice and breezy day.









There were a group of women and children, sitting in the grass. There are many trash cans all around. However, when their driver arrived, they stood up, shook out their rug, and left this mess behind.


It annoyed me so much that they did this, that I went right over and took a picture of it in front of them, hoping it would shame them. My husband says that it is so much in the culture, to not lift a finger that he doubts they were ashamed. It was actually, more of their trash scattered around, but this is the best my little jawwal (mobile phone) camera can offer.