We have this massive backyard that has been useless for the past 5 years and now we are finally investing in it. We would have done it earlier, but we do not own the property. After asking my husband if I could get a job and help fix it up because I did not care about losing any money, then he decided to chalk up the expense. We are making it part playground (sand), part picnic area (grass), and part open area (cement) for riding bikes, skating, etc. This is what it looks like so far.


So far we’ve purchased these two pieces and will add more insha’allah, after we get the cement and grass laid.

My Man!

The big guy in the jeans is my husband. He’s a real manly man and believes in getting his hands dirty. Some of the work he’d rather do himself because the laborers are unskilled. He wants it done by the book and well they do it different here. So he went to the lumber yard and spent a pretty penny on wood so that he could set the perimeters. If he had not done that, the workers would have just slopped cement all over the whole humongous yard. He’s measuring and cutting and they are hauling, mixing, pouring, and spreading.



As you can see I will have to extend the walls or put up a canopy or something, because the people who live in the two story homes can see in my yard and the benefit of having all this work done is to make my life easy – which means no niqab, shayla, and abaya. I want to run around my yard free!



I will be one happy camper once this is complete, so that my family room no longer looks like this:


My daughters are watching me post this and are embarrassed and disgusted. Five of their friends just left and they have the audacity to ask me how did the house get so dirty?!

It’s time for me to read bedtime stories and put them to bed so that I can clean up this mess.