Okay, real quick! My students just left and the kids are out with their father. One of the students were like, now you can sleep. I said, “I wish- first I need to mop the floors and clean the bathrooms.” I hurried and did that because I really wanted to update the blog. Several things – here goes:

1. Saudi Women Love Their Men. Don’t believe the hype.

Today, I asked my students if they thought marriages were better if they shared the same culture. They all thought so and they could not imagine being married to someone whose culture they had to learn. They started giving all these wonderful reasons why they only wanted men of their culture. They thought that they treated the family, particularly the women (mom, wife, daughters, sisters) very well. They said they are very romantic and helpful. They went on and on. mind you this was not put in a way that they had to be defensive. They teased me and said I should get a Saudi husband. I told them it was no way I could be married to a Saudi man and they basically said that I didn’t know what I was missing.

2. Attention White People Who Remember The 70’s.

The other day my nephew was telling me and my husband that all of the boys at his school have seen the movie Car Wash but didn’t know what a car wash was (they don’t have automatic car washes like we do in the U.S). My husband was shocked. I wasn’t. I said, “everybody has seen car wash, it’s a classic.” My husband disagreed and said that he remembers the 70’s well and that he never saw Car Wash and for that matter no whites watched Car Wash or any other black movie/TV show in those days. I told him he was out of his redneck mind and that white people did watch black films. He can be so Archie Bunker at times. Any white people want to admit that you watched black films? I know y’all saw Car Wash!

3. Mrs Ingalls is a racist and has traumatised my child.

I bought the entire Little House Book series, by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I’ve been reading it to the kids because it was my favorite T.V show. The TV show, from what I recall never mentioned how racist Ma was. She hated Indians. She thought they were filthy savages and said, “the only good Indian is a dead Indian.” The book is illustrated, so they showed them. My four year old woke up crying one night screaming about the Hindians (In Arabic the Indians from India are called Hindi, my daughter never heard Indian before and now has created her own word) and how much she hated the Hindians. Well this went on for several days until we got to the chapter where they were forced by the government to move on. My daughter was so happy they were gone. She woke up one morning and said, “Mommy I didn’t have any bad dreams, the Hindians are gone!”

4. I’ve been faking it all these years!

I love being home with my kids. I think the home is the best place for the woman. I think Allah that I do not have to work and that I have a loving and kind husband who is an excellent provider. I think families should eat wholesome meals and that the house should be clean and the children and wife an adornment to the husband/father’s eye. However…

I AM NOT SUPERWOMAN! I can’t do it. I’m not cut for it. I tried. I tried hard. I’m just not domestic. It’s driving me crazy. Not so much staying home or cleaning up, or cooking..but all of it together. It’s too much. How do you do it?

I’ve been offered a very good job, only working from 8-11am and there is a babysitting room for the kids. I would never leave my kids at home with a babysitter and I would never leave a baby who can’t talk with one either, but I could leave all 3 in a babysitting room that I can check in on. This offer is very tempting, because it pays very good and I want to help my mother with the expenses for my nephew. My husband is not thrilled about it and hasn’t given me his final decision but he is leaning towards allowing me to take it if my friend does too, because her kids would be with my kids and they would enjoy themselves. I still feel guilty or like a failure or something. I really can’t explain it.

That’s all for now.