I am noticing a trend against some Muslims in the West. They are Hijrah Haters. Part of their hatin is to make mockery of the Muslims who have made intentions to get out of dodge or those who have already fled. They claim that we are delusional and believe that the Muslim lands are some utopia. I disagree. Their next line of attack is to assaualt the Muslim countries and the Muslims. They feel it is their duty to warn the naive and stupid. They take the same problems that exist in the west and tell us how they are happening in the Muslim countries too. as if that removes the other benefits of living in a Muslim country (note I said Muslim and NOT Islamic so please do not even go on the whole ‘there is no true Islamic country mantra’). Since the words of Allah and His Messenger were not enough to help them understand why many leave, then perhaps the words of some Islamophobes will.

This blog is full of venom, however, I agree with her here:

If Christianity is not allowed in our PUBLIC schools, then islam shouldn’t be EITHER

The discussion over here got really heated and though I was cringing at all the hate being spewed, I agreed with some of what they said (well not exactly agreed with but I got the point loud and clear and well I am here and not there alhamduillah). You have to read the comments in that link to be able to really feel the love.

Now if you do not want to make hijrah and you prefer to live in the west and feel that you can practice your deen or at least you like to use that as your excuse then by all means go ahead and stay. However, you should not belittle those who thought that it would be better for them if they left. As for those of you who desire hijrah but have not yet got out, this is not about you…just keep making dua and may Allah make things easy on you.