Umar Lee did a post today regarding a khutbah given by Imam Siraj Wahaj at the Nation of Islam’s annual Saviors Day. I had no idea that he was to do this and am glad I found out first on Umar’s blog, because I fear I may have been hasty in forming an opinion about his decision to cooperate with this unislamic organization. However, Umar reminds us that his cooperation may have been to call them to Allah and this is the duty of all Muslims and it does not desist with the NOI because they claim Islam. As Muslims we know they are not, so it is the same as calling any other non-Muslim to Islam. The call is always Tawheed (Islamic Monotheism) first. Here is the explanation given by MANA as to their decision:

Muslim Alliance in North America

A Public Statement of Notice and Intention

For immediate release: Feb. 20, 2007


“Invite (all) to the Way of Thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching, and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious. For Thy Lord knows best, who have strayed from His Path, and who receive guidance.” (Quran 16:125)

(Lexington, KY, Feb. 20, 2007) The Amir of MANA, Imam Siraj Wahhaj, has accepted an invitation from Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, to deliver the Salah al-Jum’ah Khutbah this Friday, Feb. 23rd, as part of that organization’s “Savior’s Day” activities.

Commenting on this historic event, Imam Siraj Wahhaj stated:

“A prime aspect of MANA’s mission to humanity is da’wah (calling or inviting all of mankind to the Way of Allah), which Allah tells us in His Book to do with ‘wisdom and beautiful preaching’. Further Allah makes it clear that those who in faith take one step toward Him, He will take several toward them, and that He knows best who has strayed and who receives guidance. ( SEE:

“We of MANA are encouraged by the incremental increase in knowledge and clarity of ‘aqeedah (binding Islamic beliefs), which continues to come to the indigenous Muslims of America. We see it as being part of our responsibility to our people to contribute to that process, whenever and wherever we can clearly do so. We seek the pleasure of Allah.

“To that end and after taking naseehah (consultation) with Muslim leaders of the Ahl as-Sunnah wa al-Jama’ah in America generally, and those of the MANA Executive Committee in particular, I have chosen to accept the Minister’s invitation to deliver the Khutbat al-Jum’ah (Friday worship sermon). We pray that nothing but good will come from it.”

Members of the Diwan (Executive Committee) of MANA and others met within the past month with senior leadership of the Nation of Islam. At that meeting we addressed forthrightly our position and concerns on issues of ‘aqeedah and their primacy in Al-Islam. Those present agreed to continue dialogue towards clarification and resolution of any existing differences in that regard.

MANA’s ‘aqeedah is that of the Ahl as-Sunnah wa al-Jama’ah (The people of the prophetic practice of the Messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad [May Allah’s peace and blessing be upon him], and the Unified Community). We do not endorse nor support any views that are not consistent with those of our illustrious predecessors from the Salaf (early Muslims from the first three generations) or the Khalaf (those who follow their Path).

We have evaluated the pros and cons of our decision, and have decided that if we must err (and we pray that we have not) that it should be on the side of mercy and good intentions.

And Allah knows best.

May Allah guide them to Islam. This use to be a dua I frequently made, but have neglected making it for several years now. I had a past with the NOI and I walked away. I tried to give dawah to those I knew in the NOI and their blind following exhausted me. Once I moved from Chicago, I no longer saw an NOI presence. People have had hope for the NOI for years. As a matter of fact one of the reasons I stuck around them for as long as I did (a year) was because I just knew that Farrakhan was going to try to bring them over to follow the Quran and authentic sunnah. I recall Saviors Day I think ’95 when he took the ‘X’ from all of his members name and gave them permission to carry the name ‘Muhammad’. He made comments that year that led me to believe that he was close to changing his ways. When I saw that he was politicking I got out. I could not risk dying and being associated with an organization based on falsehood. Well it looks like this may be Louie’s last public speaking and Allah Knows Best. The NOI is fragmented, he is not the only one who claims the false teachings of Fard and Elijah, and once again after his death we will see even more division. Below are some comments from one of their message boards, that makes one wonder if their feelings are representative of the majority of the NOI members:

“…Allah is indeed one who answers prayers. As I have worked throughout the state of Kentucky, I have always ran up in opposition with followers of Wallace D. Muhammad and their strong stand to stay with Orthodox Islam. One of the followers of the white man’s diluted version of Islam who used to get under my skin was Sirhaj Wirhaj. As I read the Detroit Press’s coverage of Savior’s Day in Detroit, I was tickled to see that this Big Negro is now in my backyard. Oh man. Now I have a new punching bag. I can’t wait to run into him and go to his anti-Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad lectures and sit in it in full uniform and do what I have been wanting to do for over 10 years now. Challenge that spook worshipper. Allah indeed answers prayers. All Praises are due to Allah for the Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad.

Bro. Min. Hector Falu Muhammad
Louisville, KY”

“…There is a reason why the Messenger of Allah, Elijah Muhammad stated that Master Fard Muhammad is the Messiah to whom the Christians have been looking and the Mahdi to whom the Muslims have been looking for.

The Hon. Elijah Muhammad stated in the Theology of Time that the Orthodox Muslims thought that when the Holy Qur’an referenced the Muhammad they think and thought it was prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah Muhammad but it was not so according to the Messenger when he stated that the Muhammad who was born in the Holy City of Mecca is actually referring to this time in which we now live and ultimately Master Fard Muhammad.

The Messenger pointed to the overzealous depiction of Prophet Muhammad as being the Last Messenger but he said this was done or put out there by White Scientists in the Holy City of Mecca. …”


 “…Minister Hector Muhammad, this is absolutely hilarious! I didn’t know that this traitorous Negro Sirraj was also making Arab-loving suckers out of our brethren over there in Kentucky. That sorry, Arab-worshipping Negro Imam Sirraj has a Masjid right here in New York City. I’ve witnessed personally how he and his sorry Negro followers bowed down and kissed the feet of Arabs as if they were Allah Himself. Folks, don’t let all of his Arab-lingo and posturing fool you.I used to get a kick out of watching him literally freak-out and his eyes buck wildly when I’d walk past him. You see, my style of dress usually grabs the attention of most haters of the Messenger and causes them to react as if sprayed by an insecticide. And this Sirraj boy would nearly “soil” himself as if he were seeing God Himself walking past him. You may think I’m joking but I’m dead serious. These Arab-worshipping Negroes are not mentally balanced.Also, notice how ugly and homeless-looking they appear. I tell you folks, the followers of Wallace D. Mohammed and his boy Imam Sirraj Wahhaj, appear as though they’ve just crawled out of a drug-infested, crack-den. With all of their quotes of the Arab’s Hadith and bowing-down to Arabs, it is funny to see that the Arabs have not trained their Messenger-hating, Negro dogs how to dress like civilized human beings. They have no better sense than to go out in public looking like bums. It is advisable to just stay away from that crew.Minister Hector, if you decide to walk past their masjid, be prepared for potential violence. Yes my friends, they hate the Messenger and his followers that much. Don’t let this false show of unity with Farrakhan deceive you. If they detect any ounce of allegiance to the Messenger, expect to see possible violent reactions. Trust me, I speak from experience.

And Minister Louis Farrakhan would like to unite with these kind of Negro fools? Oh my goodness! I have heard it all! Folks, excuse me while I roll all over the floor laughing at this newest manifestation of Farrakhan hypocrisy. I’ve nearly passed out from laughing at this dumb, “wanna-be” Messenger Farrakhan who can’t seem to stop uniting with anyone who hates the Messenger. His works prove to us that he is not a TRUE follower of the Messenger otherwise, he’d stay the hell away from the proven enemies of our Saviour Allah.

Folks, this Saviour’s Day and throughout the year, let us use wisdom and not unite with liars, thieves and fools who hate our Saviour Allah and His Divine Messenger. Yes, we do indeed need unity, but who needs liars and haters of the Messenger as friends? If we go that route, we might as well unite and love the white devils and return to the Negro vomit of white devil Christianity.

Happy Saviour’s Day to the TRUE students of Messenger Elijah Muhammad (peace be upon him). ”


“Anybody that would join on to the Salafi movement aka Sirah Wahaj manhaj is wasting tiem and will be dissappoined when they discover that the salafi’s secretly say Allah has a hand, nose, butt and arm but they dont know what that means. They will be upset to find out that they take the hadiths literally about God being a man but just try to wiggle out of it… As for Juma. Siraj and the NOI, who knows. all i know is that our people are dead, dying and need some help”