Today, my oldest daughter (7 years) came in from school and explained to me how her teacher taught them about the humility of the Prophets of Allah. She mentioned how they worshipped Him through prayer and fasting and how simple their lives were unlike Kings. The food they ate, the beds they slept in – they were very humble men.

Then she asked me if the Prophets had parents. I told her that everyone had a mother and a father except for Adam and Isa (Jesus)- peace be upon them both. She said, “but the Prophet Muhammad didn’t have parents.” I explained the difference between being orphaned and being born without parents. She already knew that Adam (peace be upon him) was created by Allah out of clay and given life by Allah – not through the womb of a woman. So she asked about Isa/Jesus (peace be upon him). I told her that he had a mother but not a father and that Allah caused her to be impregnated by merely saying ‘be’. She was shocked! She said, “What! His mother never got married?” I told her that she was unmarried and did not need the ‘help’ of a father to get pregnant because the birth of Isa/Jesus (peace be upon him) was a miracle from Allah. She looked a little confused and excited and asked, “You need a father  to help get pregnant?”

I changed the subject…