I am so excited for my lil Woo Woo! My nephew’s school is taking him on a one week safari in Tanzania Africa. This boy’s life really amazes me. Born to two people who met on a park bench, on the South side of Chicago, drinking 40 ounces and smoking blunts. Mother attempted self abortion by smoking marijuana laced with embalmment fluid throughout the pregnancy. Had hernia removed at 5 months due to being left alone to cry and scream. Kicked while crawling as a baby because mom wants to go out and resented his birth. The effects still haunt him, but his environment is different. He is surrounded by people who love (may not always show it) and care about him and want to see him succeed in life. He is a challenging child to raise, but I am pleased that he has had opportunities that I never had. He is so excited about this safari. The school is paying for everything except the Visa ($50.00usd) and spending money (they suggest about $100.00usd). This is not much for such a great adventure. He needs a few camping supplies other than that…not bad.

My mother emailed me yesterday to ask if I could sign the permission slip and make his Visa arrangements. I told her that I had already taken care of the permission slip and would arrange for the Visa insha’Allah. She responded saying,

you are sooo wonderful and I do love you soooo much.  I think you and I are a great team and Allah has blessed us to take the best care of the children.  I am so proud to be a part of [nephew’s name deleted] life and education as I am proud to be the granny of all my grands.  I pray that Allah will give us more blessings to do what is needed.  I will be able to get his visa and send him spending money Inshallah, I hvnt worked for 2 weeks but I know Allah will bless me to take care of my Woo.

Tippi, thanks so much for helping me to help him.  Love and kisses and keep me abreast of all details.  Salaam

Masha’Allah, I am so thankful for my mother. Please make dua for her. She has been this selfless, sacrificing woman my entire life. I pray that Allah rewards her both in this life and the next and makes her happy and content with His decree…aameen