Do you remember the nice weekend I had last week and how understanding my husband was when I went shopping and bought items that I had not planned on? Well, he is WORSE than me. Tonight the children and I were at a get-together and I asked him to go to Saco (home appliance store) before I went wacko and get some Spearmint Oil for the ants and a nice straw broom (because my broom broke mid week and I have been on my hands and knees sweeping because the vacuum is still not fixed). When he came and picked us up, he informed me that there was no spearmint Oil so he got combat disc, a really lovely Ace Hardware Straw broom, and then my daughter screamed, “Thank You Abi!!!” when she saw the GREEN MACHINE. Masha’Allah.

It is 12:45am and he is assembling it now. Masha’Allah. I walked past him and gave him my ‘Mama Bear’ look and shook my head. He said, “You are only a child once Ummi (Mommy…yes we call each other Abi (my father/daddy and Ummi/my mother).”

One more reason you gotta love him!