Subhanallah! You all will not believe this! Today, I open my inbox and I see that my home-girl,
my partner in crime from back in the day has written me. Now she is a whole ‘nother blog entry and I’ll get to her soon, but first let me tell you what she emailed me:

“I have a blast from the past for you.  XXXX wants to know if he can e-mail you sometimes”

XXXX wants to email me?! What the heck! Oh no! I going to email you and tell you no! But if you are reading this…NO! Don’t even give him the link to my blog. When did he learn how to read? Seriously, I’m proud of him he must have really gotten himself together if he is using email. However, I am a long way from the South Side of Chicago and he is one memory I could have repressed for the rest of my life!

Let me tell y’all about this psycho maniac.
He is from a neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago, in the South Shore community, known as ‘Terror Town’. He is probably the main reason behind it’s name! As a matter of fact nobody knew his real name and the name he was known by reflected how insane he was. The boy was a living terror! He reminds me of  ‘O Dog’ in Menace II Society. We went to Elementary school
together and he was in the MH (Mad House) or LD (Learning Disability) room. He use to terrorise me and my friends walking home from school and use to call my friend (the roommate who caught the Holy ghost in my post How I Embraced Islam) ‘dog breath. As a matter of fact he and I re-met years later when I was home on Christmas  break from College and the first thing he said was, “I remember you, you are Yusef’s sister” I said, “no that’s my cousin” and he was like, “Oh yeah, you’re Usama’s
sister…How’s dog breath?”

Anyway, after that he developed some kind of love hate thing for me. I don’t understand it till this day, and as usual y’all know I got a story to tell. He was the type of guy that you wanted on your side. As a matter of fact the gang he was in took good care of him because they knew that he was not the one to make an enemy out of. Nobody in their right mind would have ever gotten into a fist fight with him because he probably could have knocked Tyson out and he wasn’t a big guy, he just had mad skills. Once shooting became popular nobody crossed him either, because he had no conscious and nobody wanted to test him. So, the gang kept him. He really didn’t have a position. I think sometimes they put him on security, but he liked to drink and do drugs and party too much so really they just tried to keep him in good standing with them.

There was one summer when he was out for my blood. He took my pager from me and refused to give it back. We actually got into a real fight at a party. My girl who emailed me to tell me that he wanted to get in touch with me was there and I can remember her describing the fight to me later that night. He was wearing a hoody and he was drunk of course, so I grabbed the hood and pulled it over his head and he could not
see and was flinging his arms wildly. She said that he was looking like, “Hey! Who turned off the lights!?” After that the people who were throwing the party was like, “dag he ruined another good party, let’s go out somewhere else and chill”. So they tried to get rid of him that night and we all sneaked out to a club. Next thing you know he showed up at the club and everybody was like, “man what did you do to him?” There was only one other guy crazier than him in the neighborhood. I’m telling you the people in Terror town were such characters that I once wrote a script for a movie based on them and I wanted to send it to John Singleton, but never got around to it. I told the guys all about it
and how I wanted them to play their own roles, because I seriously doubt I could have found actors who could have portrayed the reality of their characters. I wish I could tell you their names, but I want to protect their privacy, because hopefully they have gone on to improve their lives, like I have. But if you knew their names, it would  paint a better picture, because they were mostly nicknames that would help you to envision this story better. I will tell you the name of the guy crazier than XXXX cuz the name just let’s you know how and why everybody was scared of him accept XXXX, even though
XXXX never challenged him. As I was saying, we later went to a club and XXXX showed up. Mind you I was rolling with some of the South Sides most notorious ballers and they traveled deep and with security,but they were still scared of XXXX. They all looked uncomfortable when XXXX showed up, but they bought him drinks and was hoping that would keep him out of trouble for the night. Everybody was trying to cheer me up because I was in a bad mood
for having that lunatic fight me earlier and I was also worried that my brother would find out and that even though XXXX would clobber him, he would have to defend my honor and could get killed doing so.

When it was time to leave the club, XXXX was eyeballing me and everyone saw it and was nervous but nobody knew what to do. So the guy who was crazier than him, everyone called him ‘Cujo'(yeah, like the rabid dog in Stephen King’s book/movie!) stood next to me and escorted me to my girl’s car and looked XXXX in the eyes and said, “the sister is with me”.

I felt relieved but did not realise that I only got myself into a bigger mess, cuz now Cujo thought that made me his! So now I had two crazy @#%^ intimidating me. I’ll do a brief sidebar on Cujo even though this post is about XXXX.
Once we were all at a house party, that was extended to the backyard and the front of the house. People were all over. So me and my friends were outside talking to
a male friend who basically ran Terror Town. We were laughing and having a good time and Cujo walked up and in his deep scary voice said, “shut up!” He was staring at me but everybody shut up including the guy who basically ran Terror Town! The guy said in a nervous voice, “who is he talking to?” and Cujo said, “I’m talking to the Sister!” Everybody looked at me like,”how to you manage to get all the crazy MFer’s to love/hate you?”

Back to XXXX and what I found amazing that summer. I’ll try to sum it up cuz I know y’all get tired of my long winded post. On three different occasions, something tragic happened as a result of him trying to cause me harm.
1. There was this ‘Gangsta Bitch’ girl who the gangs would send out to do their dirty work. She was baad! She was always nice to me
when she saw me (cuz she was the leader of a bi-sexual clique called ‘Freak Nation’ and was prolly checking me out!), but we hung with totally different crews (as far as girls but we both knew the same ‘baller type guys). XXXX decided that he was going to put a hit out on me and asked her to do it. The word got back to me that she was after me. Now remember, I’m a ‘good girl’
as a matter of fact my nickname from the people of ‘Terror Town’ was ‘College girl’ and as bad as they were they were proud of me, supported me,
and encouraged me to complete school. This was just a phase I was going through this summer hanging out with them. However, even though I did not have a gangsta bone in my body, I did not like the idea of having a hit out on me and having to watch my back wherever I went. So I went looking for her. Not to hurt her but to talk some sense in her. I never found her because, she was walking down the street with some gang-banger friend of hers and another gang was doing a drive by and the friend grabbed her and used her as a shield to protect himself and she was killed. I honestly thought that saved my life!

2. XXXX had a pit bull named Justice. He loved Justice. One day he sicked Justice on me. Justice jumped all over me but never bit me. The next day XXXX was walking down the street and a rival gang saw him and ran over Justice killing him.

3. He continued to terrorise me and intimidate me all summer. One day my friend and I, the one who almost got me kidnapped while wearing ‘Daisy Dukes’ and making a ‘booty call’ in my post Allah’s Mercy and Protection: How I Have Always Felt Him Watching Over Me
were sitting in her car outside of a building known as ‘The Carter’ named after the building that drug lords took over in the movie New Jack City. As soon as we pulled off another car pulled up and opened fire, shooting XXXX. He survived, but never bothered me again…lol. After all of that he started to wonder if I had powers. La hawla wala qawatta illa billah (There is no power or might except for Allah).

I do not write these stories to glorify my days of ignorance. I write them as reflections and share them more as testimonies. After writing and reading this I can not help to say, Alhamduillah I am a Muslim!