A combination of my recent post on Chicago, along with lyrics of old songs ringing in my ear, made me think of a song that was dedicated to my cousin after he died. The lyrics to this hip hop rap, actually tells another part of MY AMERICA, the part where I was like a fly on the wall. I told you all about my cousin in my post, Why I Can’t Stand The Community of Wrong Direction Muhammad! The song is called REMINDING ME [OF SEF]by rapper Common. I won’t post all the lyrics, because well I’m Muslim and it’s bad enough I’m posting any of it. So I’ll just post the one’s that I want to comment on. I think I have actually only heard the song once and that was at work and a co-worker was like, “hey this that song Common (sense) wrote bout yo coz.” I didn’t even pay it attention then but I just looked up the song while reminicing about my cousin Yusef (Sef).

From Reminding Me (Of Sef) – Common

Afterparties in Wendy’s parkin lot, unfamiliar faces got marked a lot
Showin off for hoes in bricks and rows had us charged to box
That demo sorta stopped once A.C. got popped

That is a day I will never forget, or a night…when A.C got popped. A few of my friends were with me over my grandmother’s house. She was actually dead, her and my grandfather, but the house was nice and paid for (until nobody paid the taxes on it and the bank eventually took it) so it became a hang out spot for all of their grand kids and friends. My cousin (Yusef’s sister) was sorta living there at the time and her baby daddy, Darnell and his friend A.C were there too. We ordered pizza but for some reason they still wanted to go to Wendy’s on 87th and Stony Island. Well Darnell came back but A.C didn’t. He got popped (shot and killed).

I took my first shot of Henny
It hit me in the chest like when them marks shot Benji

Benji was shot at the ‘point’ on 53rd and Lake Shore across from The Museum of Science and Industry. He was standing next to my brother and Abnar Farrakhan (The Minister’s son). By the time the trial started I was learning about Islam and I went with my brother to court with this lil handkerchief looking thing on my head.

My man Sef passed I feel hollow but still

Sef was my cousin. We were a year a part. He was a month younger than my brother and we were more like siblings than cousins.

I actually could break down all the lyrics and give the story behind the whole song. However, I just wanted to point out how in one song, the murder of three people were mentioned. I knew all three. Had just seen one minutes before his death, one was standing next to my brother at the time of his death, and the other was my dear beloved cousin Yusef. Then you have people presuming I am self-righteous for moving to Saudi. People who know nothing about me. People whose life memories most certainly can not be found in Hip-Hop-Rap Lyrics!