So I’ve been doing a little reminiscing lately and thought I’d blog about it. Nothing profound, just a little soul searching and some good ole, “Subhanallah, look how far you have come” or “What the heck were you thinking gurrl?!” 

I really don’t have the time to go into all of the things I’ve been reflecting on in my life right now, so I am posting this as a reminder to myself to come back and blog about some of the things Allah has has reminded me of lately. Nothing to deep, just some stuff that I suppose Allah doesn’t want me to forget. Lessons learned in life. So I’ll add REFLECTIONS as a new category. Some of the post I plan on tackling ASAP are (in no specific order):

1. How I embraced Islam

2. My days working at the largest Juvenile Detention Center in the world. This one has caused a lot of reminiscing, lately, as I was reminded recently of some of ‘My Kids’ that were known to the world as cold hearted killers (yes the world their cases were so infamous that they made national coverage and had certain tv series do their versions of the cases), yet they were so young they could not be identified and so the world only speculated about these kids but I actually got to know them. They are all adults now and many of them are either still in jail or dead.

3. Allah’s Mercy and Protection. How He saved me from two different abductions and possible murders (and so much more!).

Okay y’all stay tuned for more on the days of my life, so that you can see how my world turned.