My last few post interrupted our regularly scheduled program about the trials and joys of Umm Adam an African American Muslim, Wife, and Mom Abroad. Here is a recap of what has been going on in the life of our heroine:

1. Blogs Can Be Tools of Shaytan (Satan)!

Really they can, but I will accept responsibility for my wrongdoings and repent from them. I have removed a few of my Shaytanic inspired postings. I ask Allah to forgive me for any wrongdoings I have done. Sometimes I think living in isolation is better for me, I am a better person . The blogging word distracted me a bit, opened me up to people and made this concept of venting and ranting appealing. This is something I will insha’Allah try to avoid in the future, as I really do not want to stop blogging because I do enjoy the adult interaction I get from it.

2. More on my wonderful husband, alhamduillah.

When we commit any sin, Allah subhana wa ta’ala has instructed us in the Qura’an: “O You who believe return to Allaah with sincere, unadulterated repentance. Perhaps your Lord will atone for you, your evil deeds.”

And the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) in an authentic narration collected by Imaam Ibn Maajah and others o­n the authority of Abdullaah Ibn Al-Masood (radiallahu anhu): “The person who repents from his sins is like the individual who didn’t have any sins at all.”

Also following up those evil things with good things. Allah subhana wa ta’ala has mentioned in the Qura’an: “Verily the good deeds remove the evil deeds. This is a reminder for those who remember.”

With this in mind, after seeking Allah’s forgiveness for venting my frustrations on here. I feel it is only fair that you know I overreacted. My dh was on vacation, with a messed up back and so were the children, I was in over my head. I overlooked the messed up back and did make an excuse for him. Things immediately took a turn for the better no sooner than I posted that foolishness. His back got better, him and the kids are not on vacation, and he has been back to his normal self.

I had a friend call to invite me to her house for chili and a get together with some other Western sisters. Our car is broke down, but my dh rented a car just to take me to someones house. He went and bought a belt and bag for our hoover while I hung out and afterwards waited patiently for me in the car (it was too far away for him to drive home and back) telling me it was no hurry, take my time, and enjoy myself. I hate that I gave the false impression to some that he was a bad guy, he is far from that and is a much better person than I am.

3. Children on Sin.

Today my 4 year old daughter asked me to make her a bowl of cereal. As soon as I made it she said, “that’s okay Mommy I changed my mind, save it for later.” I told her that she would not like it later because it would be soggy. She said, “well just throw it away.” I reminded her that that is wasteful and Allah does not like wastefulness. She said, “that’s Okay Mommy just say Astaufirallah (seeking Allah’s forgiveness).”

I am so glad my back was to her at the time because I wanted to laugh. However, I turned around and explained to her that we all make mistakes and that is when we say astaufirallah, but we should not go around doing haram (sins) on purpose. Just because Allah is Most Merciful and All Forgiving doesn’t mean we should take advantage of that. Not to mention we do not know which sins he will forgive so we should try to avoid all sins.

4. A child’s translation of the life of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham)

My 6 year old daughter is in 2nd grade in the all Arabic Government school. She came home and was translating what her teacher taught them in school today. She told me, “Mommy did you know that we have to obey everything Allah tells us to do even if we don’t want to? Did you know that Prophet Ibrahim had to take his kid Ismaeel and his mother to the desert and leave them all by their-self with no food and water.” She then went on to tell me somethings that I think she lost or misunderstood in the translation because when she reported the story of how Hajer ran between safar and marwa, she told me that Ismaeel was kicking and crying and then water came up. She also told me something else that I will have to read about to clarify for myself and/or for her. She said “after Ibrahim came back and took his family he had a dream that Allah told him to kill his kid. He told his kid about the dream and his kid said well if Allah says so then you have to do it…kill me. So Ibrahim got a knife tried to cut him and when he tried to cut him the knife would slide and he kept trying to cut him and the knife kept sliding. You know why it kept sliding Mommy? Because Allah didn’t really want hm to kill his kid he just wanted to see if he would obey him and since he obeyed him Allah told that he did not have to kill his kid and he gave him a sheep to kill and that is why we kill sheeps on Eid. Isn’t that nice Mommy?!”

Okay, I know it is a 6 years old translation, but did the knife really slide? I don’t remember that part or the part about Ismaeel causing the water to gush forth from the wells of Zam Zam. I had her break each part down in Arabic later, but I don’t know if that was verbatim from her teacher or just her paraphrasing. I doubt the former.

5. A tot learns a lesson.

Last night while reading the children their bedtime stories, my 19 month old son decided he wanted to touch the light bulb on the lamp. He cried for an hour until he eventually succumbed to slumber. My daughter kept begging me to wake up their father, but I did not want to disturb him.

Daughter:”Please Mommy, he’s a doctor!”

Me: “No he isn’t”

Daughter: “well he’s like one, he has all this cotton and stuff and he knows a lot of stuff, please Mommy take Adam to him, Abi can make him feel better and he will stop crying”

Well he cried what seemed like forever. Today, I turned on the lamp and pretended to touch it and he started crying and ran away looking back to me with this traumatised expression. Lesson learned: When Mommy says ‘hot!’ or ‘don’t touch!’ hear and obey.