I just prayed Isha and I wanted to recite a Sura that I had not recited in a while and so I asked my 6 year old daughter to stop playing and listen to me recite and correct me if I was wrong (in hindsight I should have had her pray with me and instructed her on the manner of correcting me in the salah but sense the rules are different for women correcting [clapping] than men [saying subhanallah] I’ll have to figure out how to instruct her properly). Well I was pleased that I remembered the surah and was even more pleased when she told me, “Mommy that was an Ayn you have to say it like (and proceeded to pronounce the Ayn like a native Arabic speaker), you said it like an Alif.” She had me practice it a few more times before I ran off to tell you guys. Masha’Allah!

The other day was parents day at her school. She is in the Saudi Government schools and is the only non Arab in her school. Her teacher is amazed at her and said that she is  Mumtazah and is the best in her class (out of 40 students…they class rank you) in Quran (she goes to a Quran tutor because the school doesn’t finish juz amma until 3rd grade). Masha’Allah!