The following Public Service Announcement is for all of those people who are still asking, after several years, who they can take their knowledge from.

I was hoping to avoid these types of discussions, but I feel it must be said. Somebody has to tell you. I’m sorry to break the news to you, but for those of you who want to know if you can go to Islam Q&A and take knowledge from Shaykh Munajjid, then go right ahead and JUST DO IT, because the people you are asking still do it even though they speak ill of him.

The reason why you have not seen any clear proof against this Shaykh and only have the same weak links from as your only reason in the first place to doubt him and his website, is because….

Drum rolls…………

The Ulema cooperate with him and have not warned about him. In Saudi Arabia he is probably the most popular Shaykh (along with Shaykhs Ibn Jibreen, ‘Aaidh al-Qarni, Salman al-Aawdah, and Safar al- Hawali), to the common Muslim (not most knowledgeable but most popular). If knowledge were not to be taken from these Shaykhs then I seriously doubt the Government of Saudi Arabia (unless you are a kawaji but since you are probably salafi then you would be off the Manhaj if you thought the Government was corrupt) and The Grand Muftee would endorse them. By this I mean they either have a masjid or they are allowed to give daroos in them (and since Sh. Munajjid is not Saudi, this is a great honor and tazkiyah in and of itself). Not only that but they are the featured speakers on the Saudi television and radio shows . The Grand Muftee Shaykh Abdul Aziz Al Shaykh and Shaykh Saalih Al- Fawzan (scholars who you have no doubts about) share the same forums with the above mentioned.

If you really want to know if you can take from these Shaykhs, STOP ASKING the common people and ask the standing committee yourself.

CAUTION: Do Not Come To KSA Starting Fitnah!

Recently, an American  Salafi brother was fired from his nice job after passing out tapes warning people of certain scholars. The brother was warned before from his employee. If you do not agree with a Shaykh…fine…but do not come here and insult and belittle the beloved Ulema of this country (I don’t care if you remove their title the people here still have much love and respect for them and they are still forgiven for their shortcomings, insha’Allah).

This has been a Public Service Announcement. I hope you found it beneficial.