Verily, the reminder benefits the believer. Momma Mu put a post up on her site with her top ten reasons she loves her hubby, and it has inspired me to put mine up, especially since I have recently made some not so nice comments about him.

My Top Ten Reasons For Loving My Hubby

1. For The Sake of Allah

2. He fears Allah and even if he has a bout of momentary insanity (doesn’t agree with we can always agree with what Allah and His Messenger said

3. He always follows up a bad deed with a good deed

4. He never backbites anyone not even me

5. He holds no grudges when we have a disagreement. We can be really heated about something but NEVER go to bed displeased or angry with each other and he ALWAYS forgives me for my wrongdoings.

6. He still looks at me with twinkles in his eyes and is as pleased with my appearance (3 babies later) as he was the day he met me and fell in love with me

7. He is the guardian of my nephew

8. He misses us terribly when he is away from home and calls us constantly, even when he’s at work 

9. He always thinks of us when he is away and brings us gifts

10. He gets sad when he thinks about children whose mothers work, are not breastfed, do not co-sleep, are left to cry it out, and who go to kafir schools.

Subhanallah! That was easy (and therapeutic too)and I could have gone on and on but those are the first ones that came to my mind. Actually there were some that were better that I thought of while typing but forgot them. I hate when that happens…