I realise a lot of people blog for therapeutic reasons. I honestly have a few issues myself that I would love to work out through blogging, but I think I am alone on this boat. I have been hooked on the Internet for almost 10 years now and have never even come close to any online (or offline) community, discussion group or blog that even remotely discusses my particular situation. I have joined some general non Muslim groups that talk about it in a general sense but nobody has the problem struggling with it that I do. Non Muslims would not have a problem with it because they simply wouldn’t put up with it. Muslims would just write me off as being unislamic in my thinking and giving me general but not practical advise. Not to mention, my problem is so unique that I doubt any other Muslim is in this situation. Maybe generally but not specifically. I really need some coping mechanisms and wish I had someone to discuss this with that understood. Hasbuna Allah wa Nimah wa Wakeel.