Does anyone else have kids who NEED you while you are in the bathroom or wait until you go in to get in a fight? Usually this annoys me to no end, but today it tickled me.

My daughter spent the day playing with some of our neighbors (not the bad a$$ Saudi ones across the street, thank Allah they are still on vacation in their village or some tent out in the freezing desert). So while I’m in the bathroom I hear her and my nephew arguing. She comes to the door and says, “Mommy, isn’t King George the King of America?” I remain quiet, cuz I heard or read somewhere you are not suppose to talk in the bathroom and I always try my best to do this on the kids initial attempt to talk to me, but after hands waving from under the doors and cries and screams, I  eventually answer, even though my dh holds his ground and ignores us all. I digress…

So after, I come out I explain to her that in America they have a President and not a King and that we call him by his last name with his title and not his first. So my nephew rejoices in being correct and tells her, “humph I told you!” She then goes on to tell me that her friend has a problem with her loving her King and she tells me how much she loves King George and that her friend called King George a Kafir and told her that she could not love King George. So my daughter got upset because her friend kept talking about all the love she had for her King and my daughter wanted to compete and tell her how much she loved her King. So I told her that loving Allah and His Messenger was sufficient and that there was no need for her to love President Bush, who she still refers to as King George.