Really, I am! When I first stumbled across blogs I was like, “O My God, this is so stupid!” Then I came across a few ‘beneficial’ blogs and some rather entertaining ones too. I kept fighting the temptation to blog, because I am a very social person but due to circumstances I have been quite antisocial for the pass 4 years. I was afraid I would go over board with blogging, that it would become my new addiction. Now that I am blogging, every time I see something or think something, I’m like “wait till I blog that”. But it never happens. I usually forget what it was I wanted to blog or I am just too tired to get on here and blog. And some stuff I just keep to myself. I really don’t know what it takes to make a good blogger, but whatever it is I don’t have. This has always been my problem. I lack commitment. I am full of wonderful ideas about everything. I have thoughts flowing though my mind so fast I can’t keep up (and if I am sharing those thoughts with people they can’t keep up because I talk REALLY fast!).

So here are a few ramblings to keep my blog updated:

1. My family is the BERENSTAIN BEARS. I had a whole shopping cart full of Berenstain Bear First Reader books in my AMAZON cart the other day. The books I chose teach lessons like, manners, fighting, sibling rivalry, too much junk food, teasing, stranger danger, etc. I found all of the books that were in my Cart at Jarir Bookstore, ON SALE the other day. I basically broke even with the purchase since I did not have to pay for my Aramex delivery.

Anyhoo, I digress…

I am Mama Bear all the way. And my husband makes a good Papa Bear, and no doubt about it sister Bear and Brother Bear could be two of my kids. The only difference is they are Bears/Cubs and we are Humans, they live in a Tree-house and we live in a Villa, they are fiction and we are the real deal! Even my kids and my nephew were like, “that’s you and Abi!”, whenever Mama Bear was being sensible about something and Papa Bear was setting a situation up for disaster or giving in to the kids demands. Oh and when Sister Bear threw that tantrum in the store, in the book about the GIMMIES, everybody was like, “that is Ramlah!” rofl. These books have replaced our Little Critters by Mercer Mayer collection for the time being. We love them!

2. Speaking of Jarir. My dh dropped the kids and I off at Dajens (a chicken joint) the other day so that we could eat and play (most restaurants here have huge indoor play areas) and then I was to go to Safeway (Tamimis) and do my grocery shopping. Well after we left Dajen, I remembered a sister (or two) recommended the book, The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands by Dr. Laura, and I wanted to see if they were still carrying it or if I would have to order it (they sold out 3 months ago). When I got to Jarir they were closed and would not reopen for another 45 mins. I saw the new Applebees next door to it. I knew it was now or never. My dh refuses to take us to nice restaurants. He says why should he when I can either cook at home or get a Shawarma for 3 riyals!. We had just ate and I had promised the kids Ice Cream if they behaved in the store so I figured we could have dessert at Applebees, because I was told about this delicious Blue Ribbon Brownie thingy they have.

We were seated  upstairs in the family area (The Host carried Adam up the winding Marble stairs and I was happy because dh has forbidden me from carrying the children up and down stairs, especially in an Abaya, because I am accident prone). The kids played in the kids room which is so much better than the indoor playgrounds. It has a lot of Educational toys. The single area (men only) is set up like your typical Bar and Grill. I had an instant flashback to my days of Jahiliya when me and my girls would have Ladies Night Out every Saturday, at either Bennigan’s, Fridays, Chilli’s, or some other similar trendy chain restaurant (not that I was drinking or anything it just reminded me of the type of places I use to go before I started eating at halal joints…lol). I was sitting back kinda chill-in just reminiscing bout back in the day and lost in the atmosphere of this place that seemed like it transferred me to another time and place, when my 6 year old daughter came to me from the Kids room (I was sitting right next to it watching her from the glass windows), and said, “Mommie, I like this song.” That instantly snapped me back to reality. I totally did not realise that music was being played because I was in the Twilight Zone. I said Music is Haram, don’t like it. She said, “I know, it’s not the instruments I like but the words art so nice” and she had this peaceful little smile on her face like she had just discovered some new soothing thing. I was like, “Check please!”. It was definitely time to go. The thing was the song was some soulful remake of some old song that I use to know so I knew all the words to it, and it did kinda like reach into your soul and stir you. I was probably sitting there obliviously grooving to it myself into my daughter came and brought me back to reality. I told my dh that we went but I did not tell him how much we spent or about the music, bar and grill, or the virgin drinks that looked just like the real thing. Astaufirallah!

The bad part about it is that I want to go back and take my dh on a date without the kids (wishful thinking…like that’s going to ever happen)because the menu is the bomb, but my dh would totally ruin the entire moment and make me out to be some jahil wild woman. That’s actually a compliment for him and one of his strong points. I guess we balance each other, because the things that I would take lightly he takes serious and vice verso. Alhamduillah, because Allah Knows Best that as a housewife in a foreign country, where I can not drive (and I have no desire to), and with looong hot summers and generous Semester/Eid breaks from school, and bored kids, that I do get tempted at times to indulge in things that may not be in the best interest of my family (like TV or playing with undesirable kids just to have something to do) but my dh masha’Allah always reminds me of the possible corruption these activities can cause our children. Sure it’s easy for him to say it. He’s not the one home with them all day, but alhamduillah that he is not bringing in unislamic things in our home because that would be an even bigger fitnah.

Okay I have like a gazillion other things I could blog endlessly on, but that’s all for now. You will not believe what kids can do to a house while Mom is on the internet!