Just some stuff I been thinking about after reading what sisters say about polygyny. 

1. Why do some sisters try and guilt trip other sisters into polygyny? It’s one thing to accept polygyny, but there are sisters out here who will confront you and make you feel as if you are not a true believer (want for others what you want for self) unless you offer your husband to her.

2. Why do some convert sisters, come into Islam acting as if you owe them something. They are real quick to tell you that your husband is not YOUR husband and that you do not own him. They will not hesitant for a moment to inquire about your man and won’t feel bad about it. They figure it is their right and you need to just get with the program. No compassion no nothing, but when it happens to them they freak out.

3. Why do some convert sisters with over 3 different babies by 3 different babies daddies (who at least one is incarcerated) get offended if you ask them to take an AIDS test? I have heard sisters say that when they took their shahadah Allah forgave them for all their sins and wiped them clean and so who are you to judge. It’s not about judging but if you want to get in polygyny than expect to be ask to be tested. If it were monogamy, that would be different. If your prospective spouse doesn’t care than that’s between yall, but if it involves another party than it is only fair and you should not be acting all high and mighty cuz you are in hijab today but was out there yesterday.

4. Why do sisters have such a funky attitude about brothers taking care of their kids, who are not their fathers? I know many sisters who have such a bad way of insisting that whoever she marries has to know that it is a ‘package deal’. I can understand a sister desiring this, but why all the attitude about it? The best thing would be to make dua and ask Allah for this. Not huff and puff and act all indignant about it.

5 Why do sisters marry brothers who are not and can not take care of their current family and then complain when they knew full well that he had no means to provide for them?

6. Why do sisters cry racism, when the immigrant brothers don’t want to be bothered with them and all they drama and babies and babies daddies? I have seen it over and over again. They show up at the masjid NWA (needy with attitude). I am not making light of our needy sisters, may Allah protect them and provide for them and us all, but the ATTITUDES!!!