Tariq Nelson has opened a big ole can of worms on his blog. This discussion led to some praise of the community of WD Muhammad (son of Elijah Poole founder of The Nation of Islam).

I will not bother refuting this community or there supporters, but I will tell why I personally can’t stand them (despite the obvious errors in their aqeedah and manhaj).

I am from Chicago. I was born into the Nation of Islam. My father held a top position as an official in the NOI. I have a relative (distant) married to one of Farrakhan’s daughters and he is the CEO of the NOI. I grew up with the families of Elijah Muhammad, Louis Farrakhan, and Muhammad Ali. Needless to say, my family is very loyal to whom they feel was rightly guiding the NOI into main stream Islam.

Chicago is a city of deviant Muslims. When I left you could find everything but the haqq there (even though ad-Dawatus Salafiyyah was starting to spread). Most Muslims in Chicago belong to one movement or the other and it usually has nationalistic roots.

WD’s community is stagnated, when it comes to knowledge of the deen. They are happy just being ‘black Muslims’. My family along with most if not all of the families from ‘the first resurrection’, lack knowledge of the deen. Most don’t even remotely practice even the basics of Islam, but this is no secret. You wanna know why I REALLY have a beef with them?

I had a cousin, who was killed. We have a large and infamous family in Chicago. So his funeral was packed. Everybody from the ‘first resurrection’ (all the pioneers of the NOI), 2nd, NOI, Sufis, South-side thugs and rappers, it was one of the biggest funerals I’ve attended.

Yusuf, was killed on Jumauh (actually late late Thursday night…more like early Friday morning…). Since my family was burying him as a Muslim, I asked them to do it ASAP. They told me ‘The Imaam’ was out of town and they were waiting for him to come back because he INSISTED on being the one to lead the janaza prayer.

His wake was Monday night. It was open casket. He was shrouded but his face was out. I had to keep wiping lip stick off of him, from all the kissing. Now Thursday rolls around, the day of the janaza. There’s a full house at the funeral home. Standing room only. Imaam Darnell Karim gets on the mic, stalling until ‘The Imaam’ arrives. When he does the eulogy, he doesn’t have much to say about Yusuf, so he starts reminiscing about the good ole days of the NOI when my Uncle Bashir was Leo X and paper captain and how many papers they sold under him. So then there is an announcement that ‘The Imaam” can’t make it and sends his condolences.

But wait it’s a full house, plenty of ‘lost founds’ out there. So they say, we invite everyone to come to The Harvey Islamic Center for Jumauh, where we will do the janaza prayer for Yusuf (it’s Tuesday and they are about to bury him!), because there is no place to pray here (excuse me..don’t you pray the janaza standing up?!)

To me they were taking advantage of the fact that 1. their followers are ignorant 2. there was a crowd that they wanted to come to their center that thy would not be able to pull in without using Yusuf’s janaza as an excuse.

I started crying and begging my aunt and uncle to do something. I don’t know if they were in shock or just super loyal because they did nothing. Then when they tried to take the body out to the Herse, there was a tug of war over it. The Sufis there insisted that he get prayed over before they bury him, the other crew was trying to take the bodies out. The Sufis pushed them out and locked the doors and prayed over him. We went to the burial after. The procession was about a mile long, the radio was on and even the most popular station in Chicago was giving Yusuf a shout out and other cars were honking and people were waving. They finally buried him but not till after the Sufi brothers kept us at the grave-site for about an hour reciting various surahs in unison. The kufar included! Did I mention I was the only one in hijab there!

My father has been sick for years and I pray that Allah allows him to come and live his last days with me here in the land of The Muslims, where he insha’Allah can have a proper burial.