There has been talk on the blogs about the low standards of education for our Muslim children. Often times as converts to Islam or Muslims in the west, we try to do away with ‘dunyah’ and focus on deen.

Unfortunately, this has caused some to neglect the education of their children, not allowing to reach their full potential. Do not despair, you can now get help on not only how to educate your child Islamically and secularily, but you can have a program better than any of the gifted programs I have seen with the kufar. Gone are the days of Muslims worry about having Gifted, black and underachieving children. There is a google group started by an American sister who lives in Medinah. She has created a curriculum that it unlike any I have ever seen. Truthfully told, it scares me. I saw the curriculum when she first posted it, but hesitated to impliment any of it due to my own shortcomings. I am joining her list in hopes of getting support, motivation, encouragement, and the incentive to raise little scholars!

Date: Sun, Nov 5 2006 5:21 pm
From: “Khadija Lin”

Asalamu alaikum warahmatuallahi wabarakatuhu

Jazakallahkhair to all the brothers who have tried to join our
islamichomeschooling group recently. I apologize for not mentioning that it
is for sisters only. Inshaa allah, I have posted the Accelerated K-12
Islamic and General Homeschool Curriculum in the files section of this
group. If you have any questions, feel free to post them on this group.

Please go to
and click on “files” Please see below
to read about the focus of our group:

. 1. Having our children memorize the whole Quran at a young age, preferably
before age 10 or as soon as possible. Sharing avenues through which we can
continually convey to them the great honor and blessing of being a haafidh.
ie: Becoming a hafidhah ourselves, entering our children into Quran
competitions for huffadh only, so that they can associate with other
children whose primary concern is being a haafidh of the Quran, and taking
our children to sit with scholars who are huffaadh.

2. Introducing our children to the various Islamic Sciences (Tafseer,
Hadeeth, Fiqh, etc), so that they can choose to specialize in what interests
them the most when they are older insha allah.

3. Deeply studying and deriving lessons from the akhlaaq and adab (character
and manners) of the Prophet (salla allahu alayhi wasallam, the Sahabah
radiallahu anhum, and other great scholars, so that we and our children can
emulate them in manners, speech, and action.

4. Striving to make Arabic the primary medium through which we teach our
children Quran, Tafseer, Hadeeth, and other Islamic Sciences. ie: Using
English Islamic texts and books primarily as supplementary resources. This
also entails that we all strive to perfect our own Classical and Quranic
Arabic language skills.

5. Discussing resources to be added into the curriculum that help to
accomplish the above stated goals.

6. As for the General/Secular subjects, I hope we can all strive to
consistently challenge our children with the learning materials and
teaching/learning style that suits each child best. Ideally, we will use
what optimizes their individual learning potential insha allah.I truly look forward to the day when all our children will be
righteous Islamic scholars with the best character, leading our ummah from
darkness to light, insha allah.

**Oh Allah, guide and protect our children, and make them righteous,
knowledgeable scholars, who enjoin the good and forbid the evil with the
best of manners, and fear none but Allah. Ameen. *